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Digital Chaos Are Your ESL One Genting Champions!

After a grueling five game series,

Julius Tabios

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The ESL One Genting tournament has crowned new champions as Digital Chaos take the first premier tournament of the year and the first ever LAN win of the organization. The stakes couldn't have been higher 6,000 feet above sea level as they took home $125,000 after a grueling Best-of-5 series against Newbee in the Arena of Stars in the beautiful Genting Highlands in Malaysia.

DC was formed shortly after the conclusion of the International 5 by Dota Cinema owner SUNSfan. It's founding roster was built around TI5 Champion and former Evil Geniuses support Aui_2000. The original DC roster was actually disbanded after it's early struggles in early 2016. Mr. Consistent Misery was then called upon to lead it's roster into TI6 and to the surprise of many pundits and fans they made it to the finals of the premier Valve event before eventually falling to then rising team Wings Gaming. They once again find themselves in a Grand Final against yet another Chinese team Newbee but prevailed this time around after almost dissolving less than a year ago.

Newbee's 9k superstar playersccc made a statement with his OD performance in the series opener. A Godlike streak and unbelievable individual play shows why he is called the Chinese Miracle. Misery looked wet behind the ears as his Pudge pick turned out terribly while Moon was also another weak performer on his Legion Commander for the US-based squad.

DC unleashed Resoluti1on's signature Naga Siren against Newbee in Game 2. The Ukrainian star proved that he is indeed one of the best - if not the best- Naga Siren in the world as he racked up nearly 53,000 Networth as DC tie the series up.

The series was becoming a blow-for-blow affair as Newbee bounced right back behind a monster Shadow Fiend game by sccc. No one was seeming able to gain a win streak in the series as DC then forced an all-deciding Game 5 behind Resolution's Slark and w33's out-of-meta mid Leshrac.

In the deciding Game 5, DC interestingly picked up the heroes that Newbee loved to use through the ESL One Genting tournament. It was w33's turn to dominate on the Queen of Pain, one of sccc's favorite heroes, and Reso's Lifestealer, a favorite of uuu9. It was one hell of statement for the DC lineup turned the supposedly close Game 5 decider into a stomp as they rolled to the ESL One Genting championship trophy.

With this win, DC have a dream start to 2017 and make a statement for themselves in securing a Direct Invite into the upcoming Kiev Major later this year. We can also finally put aside the joke that DC's kryptonite are Chinese teams as they actually also beat Wings Gaming earlier in the tournament before their hard-fought Grand Finals win against Newbee.