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DeMoN Recorded One Of The Lowest GPMs in a Pro Game

It was a tough game for DeMoN.

Julius Tabios

Banner Image Credit: PC Gamer

Hard supporting is an extremely difficult task in the competitive level. But veteran support player DeMoN' took it to a whole new level with his temporary team Sacred in The Summit 8.

In the clip above it said that DeMoN had only 10 GPM in their match against multiple Major Champions OG but his actual GPM wasn't that much better. Jimmy's Ogre Magi actually finished with a GPM of 133, one of the lowest ever recorded in pro Dota 2. He never got to purchase boots because of his heavy investment in wards and smokes amounting to 1780 gold.

The average low of a support in the 7.07c patch is 261 GPM.