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Top 7 Players to Watch Out for in the NA LCS

2017 NA LCS - Spring Split

Carmelo Joseph III Favie

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The 2017 NA LCS season is just under 3 weeks away, and the different teams have acquired talented Summoners from different regions, hoping to bring up the level of competition in the region. We took a look at all the Summoners set to do battle on the NA LCS stage, and picked out these 7 players worth keeping an eye on.

CLG Xmithie

Jake Xmithie Puchero has been the long-time jungler for the NA LCS institution Counter Logic Gaming. CLG most recently had a commendable outing in the most recent World Championship. Xmithie pulled out some amazing Nidalee and Olaf plays in their games against G2 Esports and ROX Tigers in the group stage.

CLG may have fallen off the NA LCS map in the 2016 Summer Split, but their Worlds 2016 performance has given new hope for CLG's return to the top of the NA region. The Jungler acts as the main pivot for the entire team, so watch out for the only Fil-Am Summoner in the NA LCS, Xmitihie.

C9 Smoothie

Andy Smoothie Ta is the Rookie Support comprising half of Cloud9's amazing bottom lane duo. Smoothie stepped up to the plate in the Summer season of 2016 when the team's former Support Hai transferred to the C9 Challenger team. Smoothie capped off his first split with the main squad with a Top 8 finish in the 2016 League of Legends World Championship. Smoothie retains his position on the main squad, and is ready to take another shot at the NA LCS title.

TL Piglet

Chae Piglet Gwang-jin makes a return to the main Team Liquid lineup after spending some time in the NA Challenger tournament. TL had internal behavior issues in their roster owing primarily to disagreements between Piglet and jungler Dardoch. Now that Dardoch has moved to a new NA LCS team, and the team has picked up a superb jungler in Reignover, only time will tell if Piglet finds his groove.

EFX Looper

Jang Looper Hyeong-seok becomes the third World Champion to play on NA soil. Echo Fox has always had the legendary Froggen manning their mid-lane, but they lacked in other departments. The orange squad now has the World Champion top laner Looper bolstering their lineup. This infusion of talent might just be the thing that gives this team a new lease on life in the LCS.

TSM Svenskeren

Dennis Svenskeren Johnsen has been the jungler of Team SoloMid since November of 2015. The team has had an inconsistent year, capping off a strong 2016 Summer stint with a forgettable performance in the World Championship. Despite their failure to qualify for the Playoffs stage at Worlds, Svenskeren shone bright in their matches against Samsung Galaxy and Royal Never Give Up in the group stage. Particularly memorable were his amazing plays on Lee Sin.

P1 Ryu

Yoo Ryu Sang-ook is the brand new mid-laner for the new team Phoenix1, after his extensive time with the EU LCS based H2k-Gaming. Ryu is still not ready to head back to his home LCK region, so he takes his talents to the NA region. P1 is a relatively new team in the region, and has yet to make their mark on the NA LCS tournament. Now that they have a Worlds Top 4 Finisher in their ranks, they just might make it.

IMT Dardoch

Joshua Dardoch Hartnett has had a rough first year as a professional Summoner in the NA LCS, after finishing the his first split as the most outstanding Rookie. Dardoch slowly declined in his performance, which the TL organization mostly owed to problems with his behavior. Dardoch even received a 1-week suspension in the Summer Split. The 2016 Spring Split Most Outstanding Rookie now finds himself on the Immortals lineup, as their new jungler. It's no easy chore filling in the shoes of the best jungler in the NA region, Reignover. Can Dardoch get back to his top form?

Which NA LCS team do you think will win big in the first split of the 2017 League of Legends season? Stay with us here at Mineski.net for all the future NA LCS updates.