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WESG 2017 China Finals: The World Stage Awaits

The Search For China's Best Esports Teams Is On

Maouie Reyes

The World Electronic Sports League 2017 is back once more to gather the world's best esports players. Having scoured every part of the globe, the multi-million dollar tournament is set to stop at China on September 7-10, 2017 to determine who among their contenders will be pitted against the world.

Dota 2: China vs EHOME

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The eastern Titans are back to Dota 2's main stage after a dominant, yet unfortunate, ending at The International 2017.

However, what makes the WESG 2017 China Finals relatively better than the last grand Dota showdown is the presence of former world champions gracing its stages. Parading under EHOME's banner, Faith_bian and y` are set to dominate once more.

Looking at EHOME's contenders, no team can actually come close to what the banner, as well as the roster, has achieved. Even if we count out the Aegis of Champions bearers, Cty's return to the professional scene would still be enough for any team who stand against EHOME's way to tremble on their knees.

However, despite being dubbed as the sister teams, EHOME should never take their contenders lightly. The qualification system of WESG 2017 China Finals allowed the tournament to scour all of China to gather its best Dota 2 teams. As much EHOME's victory looks certain, proving it would still be an achievement.

Counter-Strike:Global Offensive: Dethroning TyLoo

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For years now, TyLoo has been to the most dominant CS:GO team in Asia. Their consistent qualification in almost all international CS:GO tournaments can only testify that this Chinese stack is a force to be reckoned with.

TyLoo will be coming into the WESG 2017 China Finals without much pressure on their shoulders. In China, their reign has long been uncontested--not even China's biggest gaming organization can stand against the fragging prowess of this powerhouse.

Being honed by the world's greatest, TyLoo can be god-like compared to Asian teams. Even if we move aside their most notable international achievements, what we'll get is an almost unblemished run at the WESG 2017 China - Zhuzhou Qualifiers which secured their slot for the China Finals.

Starting tomorrow, 29 of China's best CS:GO teams are set to cast genuine threats against TyLoo's reign. The four-day war for the sole Chinese slot at WESG 2017 main event will determine whether the Ke "Mo" Liu-led squad will remain to be Asia's best or a sleeping dragon is about to wake up.

More than 100 Chinese players from Dota 2, Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, Hearthstone, and Starcraft II will duke it out against each other to claim the most coveted spot for the WESG 2017 main event. The four-day tournament organized by Alisports will be held at the Suzhou New District Cultural & Sports Centre.