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China's Best Gears Up For World Stage

WESG 2017 China Finals Recap

Maouie Reyes

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After four days of exceptional competition, the World Electronic Sports Games 2017 China Finals came to a successful end. More than 100 esports athletes from Dota 2, Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, Hearthstone, and Starcraft II gathered at the Suzhou New District Cultural & Sports Centre in pursuit of the world stage ticket.

Dota 2

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The result of the WESG 2017 China Finals Dota 2 championship was somewhat expected. The world champion-ridden squad of EHOME secured not only the ¥100,000 prize money but also the sole spot to WESG 2017 main event as they defeated ROCK.Y, 2-1.

As much as EHOME looked dominating, ROCK.Y made sure that they shouldn't be taken lightly. The best-of-three showdown reached its full extent after ROCK.Y annihilated EHOME during the 27-minute game two. The Lich + Clinkz offlane combo got unstoppable even before any of EHOME's core got their core items.

ROCK.Y was so close to pulling off the upset if not for Cty's Troll Warlord in the rubber match. Fresh off retirement, Cty proved that he's still got what it takes to be a top-tier Dota 2 player as he stepped up his game right when EHOME needed him to.

Despite falling off the hands of the fan-favorites, ROCK.Y still clinched ¥50,000 and a spot at the WESG 2017 APAC Qualifier.

Counter-Strike:Global Offensive

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Unlike the Dota 2 division, the WESG 2017 China Finals CS:GO championship went south for the fan-favorites. TyLoo failed to dodge the revenge of YuanZhang "AttackeR" Sheng and Flash Gaming as they served the Chinese powerhouse their early exit in a rather lopsided duel.

Flash Gaming continued their rally up to the grand finals where they met ViCi Gaming. Through out the finale, the grand finalists did nothing but prove why they are worthy of having ¥ 100,000 and the WESG 2017 main event slot as their first shootout at Cobblestone needed to reach overtime.

However, not even AttackeR's insane 40 frags were able to shake the composure of ViCi Gaming to take the first map. The rest of the series continued to be a tight one, as both teams persisted to trade rounds and maps.

In the end, VG's edge as veterans allowed them to outlast and outplay Flash Gaming to be hailed as the WESG 2017 China Finals CS:GO champions.

Meanwhile, the Female division for CS:GO got LLG Gaming crushing Etab in the finals. They take home ¥ 30,000 and a slot at the WESG 2017 main event where they are set to face the world's best Female CS:GO teams.

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The WESG 2017 China Finals Hearthstone championship got 营地 | 季寒 winning ¥30,000 and the slot to the WESG 2017 main event after defeating NJDqingqian in the grand finals, 4-1.

On the other hand, the female division for the Hearthstone championship was bagged by GLHuiHui. She defeated DawnLiooon to take home ¥10,000 and a slot at the WESG 2017 main event.

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Starcraft 2

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China's new generation of Zerg players came in to the tournament backed with a lot of confidence. Despite a strong start, the Chinese veteran in Cyan failed to handle the Zerg rush of Ezrc in the quarterfinals resulting to an early exit. This paved way for 3 out 4 Zerg players in the Semi-Finals.

Invictus Gaming's iAsonu made sure that the WESG 2017 China Finals Starcraft II championship will be a showdown between Zerg players after sweeping TIME, the last Terran player in the tournament, in the semi-finals.

The showmatch between iG's top-tier Starcraft II players turned out to be one-sided after iAsonu continued with his streak. XiGua was able to steal a match off the eventual champion but iAsonu's aggressive style of play allowed him to clinch ¥ 30,000 and the coveted slot at the WESG 2017 main event.