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EHOME Solidifies Chinese Meta

WESG 2017 China Finals Updates

Maouie Reyes

The two-day group stage of the World Electronic Sports Games 2017 China Finals Dota 2 division reflected the aftermath of the post-The International 2017 meta and roster shuffle.

During The International 2017, we have witnessed the success of Chinese teams by backing most of their strategies by a position five Lich. Then Cloud9 captain, EternaLEnVy, even pointed out how Chinese teams were so ahead of the Lich meta that they blatantly copied theirs since it’s better than what they formulated.

Lich’s lack of actual stuns hindered it to be a go-to position five support. It was only during the 7.06 update where his return to the professional scene became viable because of the importance of the game’s early stages. Its ability to babysit carries and harass lane opponents are too powerful to be ignored.

The WESG 2017 China Finals has proved that the Lich Meta will be staying for a long while. The hero remains to be one of the most picked, as well as the most successful, with 70% win rate on 20 games played.

EHOME, the tournament’s favorites, was one of the teams who managed to run a successful Lich strategy. But with the addition of ex-Wings Gaming drafter and captain, y`, it was hardly the most orthodox Lich Meta.

It was against ROCK.Y’s Huskar + Dazzle + Broodmother cheese when EHOME pulled off a Puck + Lich offlane, Viper + Pudge safelane, and an Axe midlane strategy. Looking at their draft, it looks like ROCK.Y’s captain underestimated EHOME’s ability to adapt to their draft as they left a hard counter against Broodmother’s Spawn Spiderlings and Dazzle’s Shallow Grave.

As much as the 27-22 kill score made the game look close, there was actually no chance of ROCK.Y to score an upset and it’s not only because of the Axe counter. The lack of escape skills on Huskar and Broodmother left ROCK.Y crawling against Viper and Lich’s slow. In the 38-minute bout, ROCK.Y spent 13 minutes and 34 seconds being slowed by EHOME’s heroes.

With a 4-1 record, EHOME finished the group stages on a high note. They were able to secure a seed at the Quarterfinals where they will face For The Magic.

Meanwhile, Tyloo are showing no signs of stopping their rampage in the WESG 2017 China Finals CS:GO. They obliterated their group stage opponents to secure a Quarterfinal berth with an undefeated 6-0 record. Cyan, on the other hand, has been doing great at the Starcraft II tournament. The Protoss player also notched a flawless 6-0 record en route to the event's playoffs.

Champions from Dota 2, CS:GO, Starcraft II, and Hearthstone will be determined tomorrow at the final day of WESG 2017 China Finals.