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Valve Reconstructs Competitive Dota

Qualifying Points System Announced

Maouie Reyes

Amidst the looming The International 7, Valve, on Tuesday, announced the a newly-constructed scheme for 2017-2018 Competitive Dota 2.

The road to this year's The International saw two Valve-sanctioned Majors gracing through the competitive scene. The road to The International 8, however, will take a rerouting as all the Valve Majors will now be replaced by third-party, Valve-sponsored tournaments.

Valve has elaborately discussed the two types of tournaments which will they sponsor: Majors and Minors. Tournaments with at least $500,000 prize pool are eligible to be called a Major and will receive an additional $500,000 towards the prize pool from Valve. On the other hand, tournaments with at least $150,000 are eligible for a Minor title and will receive an additional $150,000 towards the prize pool.

Tournaments are also obliged to have at least one qualifier from North and South Americas, Southeast Asia, China, Europe, and CIS, aside from the minimum prize pool required. Majors and Minors are also required to host a LAN finals to their respective tournaments. This is, according to Valve, to "ensure the baseline level of competitiveness, and to support teams from different regions around the world".

In addition to the Majors and Minors format, Valve has also announced the Qualifying Points system. Players competing in Majors and Minors will be awarded with individual Qualifying Points and "will be the sole factor in determining invites to The International 2018".

Awarding of the Qualifying points varies on the intensity of the tournament with Majors giving more points per prize pool dollar. The tournament's schedule will also be a factor as Majors and/or Minors closer to The International 8 will award additional points. Tournament finishes has also become more vital as Qualifying Points will be granted for placing high in Majors and Minors. As Valve emphasized, the "points will accumulate on individual players".

In order to provide transparency regarding the Qualifying Points, Valve announced that a leaderboard of individual players and team Qualifying Point Ranking will be available for everyone.

Valve will also directly manage the schedules of the Majors and Minors to prevent improper time management throughout the year.