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Vainglory Will Take Over the Kallang Theater in Three Days

Road to the Razer 2017 Vainglory World Championship

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It's been over a year since the conclusion of the inaugural Vainglory World Championship where Phoenix Armada won the first world championship. Now we stand three days away from the return of the Vainglory World Championship, who will claim the crown this year?

Defending the Crown

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East Asia returns to the Vainglory World Championship with the reinvigorated ROX Armada, the re-branded 2016 champions, Phoenix Armada. ROX looks to defend their world championship this year and their biggest competition is another team from South Korea, ACE Gaming. ACE was already able to take down ROX in their home region, now they look to repeat their success against the defending world champions on the biggest stage of Vainglory.

ACE and ROX are joined in the East Asian region by the tournament's first international wildcard team, Japan's DetonatioN Gaming. DNG may be a wildcard team, but they are the toughest team from Japan and they have been facing off against the league's best teams in the East Asian region.

The Challengers

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The North American delegation is led by the stalwart Cloud9 squad. C9 is arguably the strongest team in the western region and the team with the biggest chance of toppling the defending world champions.

Team SoloMid returns to the World Championship after their impressive performance in the previous year where they came short against the rampaging Phoenix Armada. Now TSM has renewed their focus and bolstered their strength as they look to finish their run at the world championship.

The last team from the NA region secured the last wildcard slot of the world championship. Tribe Gaming consistently shows up at their live tournaments, so be ready for an empowered tribe come Worlds 2017.

Hunters Rising

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China's Hunters is one of the longest standing organizations in Vainglory. Their roster is led by the Vainglory veteran Godfather, one of the most talented Chinese players of the game. The only concern with the Hunters is that Godfather is joined by two new players who will be competing in the world championship for the first time this year.

Team Kraken make it to the 2017 World Championship by claiming the very last slot in the tournament through the Autumn qualifier. Much like the Hunters, Team Kraken is eager to show the world that they stand just as much a chance of claiming the world championship as any team in the event.

EU's Hope

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If there's one team that exemplifies determination, it's G2 Esports. The lone EU representative fought back from a large point deficit in the Autumn season even when SK Gaming seemed to have a firm grasp on the first slot in the region. G2 managed to make their way slowly to the top of the ladder, overtaking SK in EU VG8 in order to secure the only European slot for the Vainglory 2017 World Championship.

Homecourt Advantage

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The Southeast Asian region plays host to the 2017 Vainglory World Championship, as the Kallang Theater in Singapore, opens its doors to the 11 visiting teams for the tournament. Singapore's Impunity is ready to defend their home ground when the battles start. Impunity recognizes the power of the audience supporting their favorite players and will be relying on their fans to carry them through the tournament.

SEA's second representative comes in the form of Indonesia's Elite 8. Elite 8's captain AnimeSaveMe knows that many foreign teams underestimate the SEA teams, but the Indonesian representatives are more focused on making their country and region proud.

Here Comes the PaiN

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The entire roster of the South American representatives was only recently acquired by PaiN Gaming. They may be fighting under a new banner, but their dominance is still intact.

Mirotic and the rest of his team have been consistently at the top of the South American region, and now they look to prove the strength of their region to the international Vainglory fans.


Here's the official four-day schedule of the Razer 2017 Vainglory World Championship! Set your alarms so you know when to tune into the exciting Vainglory action.

Day 1 - December 14, 2017 Matches start at 12PM SGT / 8PM PST / 4AM GMT

Day 2 - December 15, 2017 Matches start at 2PM SGT / 10PM PST / 6AM GMT

Day 3 - December 16, 2017 Matches start at 2PM SGT / 10PM PST / 6AM GMT

Day 4 - December 17, 2017 Matches start at 2PM SGT / 10PM PST / 6AM GMT


Watch the world championship in your language of choice! Check the links below for all of the official Vainglory streams that will broadcast concurrently during the event.








VODs will be available at the Vainglory YouTube channel and the in-game ESPORTS tab the following day.

It's all been leading up to this point. In only three days, the twelve best Vainglory teams from across the country will lock in heated battle for the Vainglory 2017 World Championship. The competition is heating up as we inch closer to the biggest VG stage at the Kallang Theater in Singapore.