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UPD's Oblation Esports Finish 4th in IEF Korea

2016 International Ecultural Festival

Carmelo Joseph III Favie

Banner Photo © David Neep Viray

Acion Arena are currently busy representing the country in Jakarta, Indonesia for the IeSF, while the 2016 League of Legends World Championship is ongoing. Meanwhile, there is another international League of Legends tournament taking place in South Korea, with one of our collegiate teams fighting for glory. It's the International Ecultural Festival.

UP Fight

The PH representatives to the IEF, Oblation Esports hail from one of the country's top institutions, UP Diliman. The Top 16 LCL team faced off against 7 teams from 5 other countries for glory on the Summoner's Rift. Oblation managed to finish in a commendable 4th place position. Oblation Support and Team Captain David Neep Viray had this to say regarding their outing in Korea at the 2016 IEF:

"Despite not making it far in the LCL regular season, it was our goal to win it all and redeem ourselves. Even though we came up short, I think it was definitely possible that we could have won the whole thing. If a top 16 finisher in the LCL can best the number one LCL team in Malaysia and Japan, then I think the Philippines is doing well globally and it's definitely possible to match up with teams from other countries. It should be every aspiring pro player's goal to reach that international stage. The gap between PH and the rest of the world is not as far as it seems, it just needs a slight push."

Oblation Esports may have finished 4th overall, but it's a good indicator of the country's LoL teams slowly coming up to the level of the other countries. For more news on the international League of Legends tournaments, stay tuned to Mineski.net!