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Top 6 Plays From Starladder iLeague Season 3

If you don't like this then you don't like good Dota.

Julius Tabios

Team Liquid prove that the post-The International curse is not real as they dominated Starladder iLeague Season 3. Here are some of the best plays from the first Minor of the Dota 2 season.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Brazilian squad SG Esports weren't even suppose to turn heads in their first LAN. But their excellent teamwork was a joy to watch against Vici Gaming.

The Unkillable Sven

compLexity Gaming were going for the Hail Mary play as their backs were against the wall. A Smoke gank into a supposedly great initiation for them resulted in a crazy turnaround by Mushi.

iceiceice Sets Up The Trap

Miracle was suppose to get away. But not under iceiceice's careful watch.


Black King Bar On Point!

GH's Earthshaker is a deadly initiator but iceiceice's reflexes were even better.

Stolen Sunder

Mineski had to pull off a play of epic proportions. So Jabz stepped up to the occasion.

The TP Cancel To Win It All

Mineski were playing out of their minds in Game 2 of the Finals but Miracle would pull the rug from underneath iceiceice and company to steal the crucial match.