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TNC Returns to The International

Execration ends Faceless TI hopes

Maouie Reyes

The Filipinos are doing it!

TNC Pro Team will be representing the Philippines, and the whole Southeast Asia region, as they qualified to The International for the second straight time after finishing the SEA Qualifiers Phase 1 at the top seed.

The two-day best-of-one matches concluded with a showdown between them and Fnatic-Dota. Both with 7-1 score line, the two met at the last series of the day wherein the winner goes to Seattle.

There was almost no question regarding who will win the matchup, but when TNC last picked a Puck for Carlo "Kuku" Palad, giving the second pick Queen of Pain to Sam "SamH" Hidalgo, the odds are somehow bent.

That is until Fnatic realized a flaw in their draft. With so much innate mobility in TNC's heroes, Fnatic's frontline, which was composed of Terrorblade and a Bristleback + Io combo, was easily kited around.

Kuku's Puck was the talk of the town. Before the game hits the 11th-minute mark, his Puck has four deaths to its name. But as soon as he got his Blink Dagger on the 13th-minute mark, all he did were kite around and kill some Fnatic heroes. This gave space for Marc Polo "Raven" Fausto's Drow Ranger to lead the charge and push their way to The International 2017.

While it's true that there will be a Filipino representative regardless of the matchup's outcome, TNC's win just settled, once and for all, to whom the Kings of SEA Dota title rightfully belongs to.

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Meanwhile, the once mighty gatekeeper of SEA Qualifiers fell down to the hands of a Filipino warrior. Execration robbed Team Faceless off their chance to attend The International after defeating them at the 5th place tie-breaker match.

The tie-breaker was needed after Geek Fam's persistence dropped Faceless' score to 5-4, matching Execration's results. The bout for last Phase 2 slot went over for more than an hour, with both teams exchanging gold and lead kills almost all of the time.

But what secured the win for Execration is Fernando "Nando" Mendoza's crucial decision over his Puck's Level 25 talent. He picked the + 420 GPM over the boost on Illusory Orb's speed which pulled Execration heavily away from Team Faceless in terms of gold lead--ultimately using that edge to force the GG-call out of the SEA titan.

More than predictions, and expectations alike, getting shattered, Execration's win just guaranteed that more Filipinos will be representing their home soil at The International as every team in the Phase 2 includes a Philippine flag bearer in their roster.

For match schedule and trackers, check this out: bit.ly/Ti7SEA