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Thresh Master MadLife Joins NA CS Team Gold Coin United

Master of Hooks

Carmelo Joseph III Favie

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There are only a few Summoners in the history of League of Legends that have shown great prowess with Thresh's Death Sentences. Not every Support knows how to anticipate an opponents movement to lock down a hook on a champion. Summoners who pull off amazing hooks are almost immediately compared to the first great Thresh master, MadLife. The long-time Korean Support master has been in the LCK for over 5 years, and now he makes his first move to a different region. Get ready for MadLife in the NA region.

Mad Hooks Life

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MadLife has officially signed on with a NA Challenger Series rookie team, Gold Coin United, and is only the most recent LCK-based Summoner to move to an NA team. The Thresh master famously finished in 2nd place in the 2nd League of Legends World Championship when his team Azubu Frost, lost out to the Taipei Assassins. GCU look to have a strong chance at escaping from the Challenger series and making it into the grander NA LCS.