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The Return of Support Miss Fortune

League of Legends Meta Shakeup

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The ROX Tigers may have been eliminated from the running in the 2016 League of Legends World Championship when they lost out in one of the most amazing best-of-five matchups in the history of the game. Their support Gorilla would not go out without first changing the landscape of the bot lane.

ROXT fielded in the surprise Miss Fortune Support pick in their second game against LCK, which first seemed like a mistake to many, until they started ravaging behind the duo AD Carry bot lane composition. MF paired extremely well with PraY's impeccable play on Ashe, which led to 2 wins for ROX. One day later, Samsung Galaxy ran the same bot lane composition to kick off their series against H2k, which again found success. This has prompted the rise of MF Support use in all of the LoL regions, but not everyone has seen the same level of success.

Bot Lane Misfortune

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Miss Fortune's global win rate just dipped massively from a little under 54% down to 47% across the board. This is perhaps due to the lack of understanding as to why the Tigers fielded MF on the Rift in the first place. In all of the three Miss Fortune games in the Worlds 2016 Semifinals, they were all counter picks against Zyra supports, and not just because her ult gets more damage into team fights. The nature of the MF Support pick is not intended to get more kills by spamming damage down the lane.

Miss Fortune counters Zyra almost completely by having the ability to take out all of the Zyra plants from a distance. That's right, MF's Make it Rain does damage to the Zyra plants, negating all of Zyra's potential lane harass and protection mechanics. Give MF Support a try for yourself, to see what all the fuss is about.

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