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The Missing Link: Veteran NA LCS Midlaner Link Joins Team Liquid

TL Lineup is Solid

Carmelo Joseph III Favie

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Team Liquid posted a video on their official YouTube channel showing the return of their players back to their gaming house. Things are slowly getting into gear as the Summoners prep for the upcoming 2017 NA LCS season. Piglet, Lourlo, and Matt make their way home along with the new TL jungler Reignover. The organization also revealed their newest acquisition, NA LCS veteran Austin Link Shin.

The Return

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The mid laner famous for his stint with Counter Logic Gaming gets back into the NA LCS Spotlight with the revamped TL lineup. Link played for CLG for over 2 years, and participated in big international tournaments as the 2014 Paris All-Star event, and the Season IX Intel Extreme Masters at Cologne. The star mid laner is known for his amazing flexibility in roles, as well as this amazing Lee Sin play:

Link's return to the NA LCS brings up the total number of CLG mid-laners to three, including Huhi, and Pobelter. Look forward to Link fighting alongside TL's hard-hitters Piglet, Reignover, and Matt. The NA LCS is set to begin in a few weeks for the 2017 Spring Split. So stick with us here at Mineski.net for all the LCS updates.