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Gear Up For An Exciting Finale at ESL One Genting

Execration goes home after some moments of brilliance

Julius Tabios

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In Day 2 of the first Premier Dota tournament of the year wrapped up earlier today and only four teams remain. These are the semifianl

Digital Chaos vs Virtus.pro

Mr. Consistency Misery once again delivered but this time he and Digital Chaos finally beat out recent tormentors Wings Gaming. He showed off his team's flexibility as he picked a variety of heroes which included Pudge, Leshrac, and Legion Commander. W33 also flexed his muscles with both Mirana and Meepo as DC secure their slot at the playoffs of ESL One Genting.

After their disappointing run at the Boston Major, Virtus.pro is back with a vengeance looking like their The Summit 6 winning selves. VP looks to have the patch well in hand as they even picked Invoker, despite its underwhelming 7.00 competitive experience. Captain Solo looks to be ready for the VP squad to finally take their first LAN of 2017.

The series between the two powerhouses promises to be a good one as the Battle of the West commences tomorrow. Both teams have been together for awhile so familiarity among the rosters will not be questioned. The two also have their respective stars who all eyes will be watching as explosive Dota is sure to be played. The two players to watch will be the two veteran captains going at it, Misery and Solo. The two bring years of experience between them and they will be expected to make the important shotcalling for their respective teams.

Newbee vs Wings

Chinese Miracle sccc flaunts his superstar talent once again as he played almost perfect games on Queen of Pain. They made short work of VP, who also feature a formidable lineup from the CIS region. Kaka, the veteran captain also hows the know-how to adapt on the fly in the short time since 7.00 has been around.

Yet another Chinese team, Wings Gaming round up our set of finalist for ESL One Genting. Wings Gaming love for unorthodox strategies and theory crafting is perfect for the new plethora of new things that 7.00 brings. Unfortunately they sent home Filipino team Execration to secure their slot at the playoffs. In the deciding game, Wings even gave Execration the Shadow Demon-Luna combo but they dealt with it easily. The lost for Execration means there will be no more SEA team present in the next stage of ESL One.

On this side of the spectrum, we see a Battle of the East of China's best. This series would be very interesting to watch as the two play against each other quite often. Chinese Dota have always been one of the more prolific in the scene and seeing two of their best teams duke it out should be on your radar. The two midlaners of both teams will be tasked with doing the heavy lifting for their team. The rising star sccc versus the proven worth of Blink will be a match-up to pay closely attention to.

Lone Filipino team Execration will be going home after some brief moments of brilliance in the tournament. Gabbi showed that he can channel his inner Abed on the Meepo. While Nando was unfortunately shaky in his return to Execration. While they go home early in the tournament, the team still possess alot of upside with Kim0 and DJ still leading the charge.

Stay tune on Mineski.net as we continue our coverage of ESL One Genting tomorrow where new Champions will be crowned. Catch the official stream here.