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The Immortals Fails to Advance to the Worlds 2017 Quarterfinals

The NA Dream is Wounded

Carmelo Joseph III Favie

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The Immortals has been eliminated from Worlds 2017 in the 2nd week of groups. The 2nd seed from the NA LCS failed to secure a win in 4 games to cap off their group stage run. Enjoy some of the highlight plays from Worlds 2017 Group Stage Day 5.

Fear the Urgot

Urgot finally makes an appearance on the Worlds 2017 stage as he picks up a beautiful kill in the top lane despite being outnumbered. GIGABYTE Marines gets right back into the swing of groups at the expense of NA's Immortals.

NA Orianna Shockwave

Immortals mid laner Pobelter playing on Orianna gets spooked by a flash engage from the enemy Cassiopeia. Pobelter throws out the reactionary shockwave which hits absolutely no one.

What Are You Doing Cody Sun?

Fnatic punished the Immortals for their poor target selection. The EU squad chased the NA stragglers down the bot lane resulting in this head-scratching play from IMT carry Cody Sun.

Longzhu Aced

GAM has achieved something that other teams could only dream of. The Vietnam squad managed to secure an ace on the LCK first seed Longzhu Gaming.

Korean Varus

LZ AD carry PraY hopped onto the NA-bullying bandwagon as he demolished the Immortals front line with his late game Varus pick. LZ win their game and PraY picks up the smooth Triple-kill.

Death of Immortality

IMT could only watch as the group underdogs Fnatic barreled straight into their base. FNC absolutely dominated the NA LCS representatives.