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The Best Worlds Plays from the Group of Life

The Fall of TSM

Carmelo Joseph III Favie

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Day 7 of the Worlds 2017 group stage ended with the most unexpected outcome of the tournament. The once touted group of life saw each of the top three combatants fight for their lives from a 3-way tie.

It's time to check out some of the best plays from the day.

Support 101

The Flash Wolves may have been fighting from a 0-3 record but that does not stop their amazing play potential. SwordArt on Rakan gets the beautiful initiate to net 2 kills and a baron for his team.

Return of the Siege

Team WE shock Team SoloMid with the return of the classic siege composition that has been absent in the current meta. WE's Condi on the Sejuani simply cannot miss on his ult to kick off this beautiful two-for-nothing exchange.

How to Tilt Your Enemy

Flash Wolves carry Betty on the Xayah pick gets a bad case of tunnel vision as he goes all in on WE's Mystic. Things turn for the worse when a perfectly timed Gragas gank to the bot lane ruins Betty's fun.

The Denial

TSM survived their opponent's early game composition and turn the tides of the game with their own late game scaling comp. The Misfits find themselves on the losing end of this river team fight after a messy face check.

Dead Air

Flash Wolves head into their final game at Worlds 2017 with a dismal 0-5 standing. Their final game against Team SoloMid was their final chance to make a statement in the tournament. FW carry Betty on the Kog'Maw press the advantage as he takes down Doublelift's Tristana mid-rocket jump.

Misfits Until the End

MSF mid lane PowerofEvil gets the biggest Orianna shockwave of his career. Doubelift steps a little too far into the battle and gets absolutely deleted by the Misfits.