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The Beginning of the End: Vici Gaming Make Playoffs at Last Minute

2016 LPL Spring W10 Recap

Carmelo Joseph III Favie

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Written by Adrien Escobin

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All of the teams had their chance to prove themselves, to enter the playoffs and have the chance to snag the Spring championship. Week 10 marks the end of the regular Spring season of the LPL and will also signal the beginning of the Spring playoffs. This was the last chance for some teams to try to get into the playoffs or just have the advantage in the Spring promotion.

Where are you Doinb?

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Qiao Gu Reapears have seen unsuccessful weeks with their primary midlaner missing. They had no choice regarding this matter as they are missing one of their primary shotcallers in Doinb. The team's synergy has ultimately sunk with these subs, who were Borisal for week 9 and Mordred for week 10. This was not the case with their ADCs who are more often switched between Uzi and Peco. Only God knows where Doinb is and with him gone, the future of QG will have to rest upon these subs. If that will be the case, though we should hope not, these subs will have to up their game to bring back the team's reputation when they were dominating strong teams like Royal Never Give Up and EDward Gaming. QG's loss this week was not entirely an important one as they were assured a playoff spot since week 9 or maybe even earlier and they will go straight to the semifinals.

Vici Wants it so bad

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Vici Gaming have a bad record for the last two weeks as they were suffering from a 3-game losing streak. That all changed this week as they went 2-0 across their last two games in the group stage. Easyhoon and DanDy stood out among the members of Vici and they brought up the team in terms of rank in the standings and overall performance during this week. VG were in danger of not entering the playoffs during week 9 and this would be their last chance to change their destiny. And changed it they did. This 2-0 is especially huge because they went up 2 places and were allowed to enter the playoffs. What's more their rank by the end of the week meant that they will have a 1-win advantage over their opponents, LGD, in the first week of the playoffs. VG owes a lot to Easyhoon as he was, again, their rope to escape the pit of the Summer promotion.

Game of the Week: Vici Gaming vs. Oh My God! -- Game 1

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This game is where Easyhoon shows why he is known, even when he was in SK Telecom T1, as one of the best midlaners in the world. His mastery of control mages really stands out with his performance in this game. Also, VG's support, caveMan, was also huge especially his 4-man Alistar knockup, setting up the team clean house for an early lead in the match.

At the end of the week, 4 teams will have to work harder to earn the right to play among the big boys and these teams are Energy Pacemaker.All, Hyper Youth Gaming, Masters3 and Oh My God. For everybody else, the gauntlet begins as the playoffs start immediately the week after with the first games going to be Snake Esports vs invictus Gaming and Vici Gaming vs LGD Gaming.