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The Arrival of the Elementalist: Is Your Wallet Ready?

Patch 6.23 Notes

Carmelo Joseph III Favie

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ICYMI: Road to the 2017 League of Legends Pre-Season

If you're still unaware who or what Elemental Lux is, then you might have spent a little too much time away from the rift. The newest League of Legends game patch comes with the release of arguably the most technically complex LoL champion skin to date. The newest champion to join the 900 RP club in the Philippines will launch today, featuring 10 unique forms.

Out of Your Element

This isn't even my final form. © Skin Spotlights

If you have preference for the light bending mage from Demacia, then look towards shelling out a lot of RP just to get your hands on this special skin. There are now 4 900RP tier Championship Skins including Elementalist Lux, with the rest being DJ Sona, Pulsefire Ezreal, and Spirit Guard Udyr. Leave it to Riot Games to bring out an amazing champion skin just as the 2017 pre-season gets into gear.

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There are of course multiple other changes to other champions in the rift. Big changes hit the Rift's resident dragonborn, Shyvana as the 2016 season receives it's 23rd patch. Check out the full list of changes through the link below to see if any of your favorite champions got hit with the change hammer. Stick with us here at Mineski.net for all the future patch updates!