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The APAC Predator Dota 2 League Is Coming In January!

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Article originally published on Spout360. Written by Victor Yap

Just when Acer convinced all comers that it was focused on backing esports teams, it pulled out a huge surprise from its proverbial magician hat. In reinforcing its bid to stay relevant, Acer is organizing an Asia Pacific-wide Dota 2 tournament.

This is not a simple event, not by any measure, as Acer Predator – the gaming arm of the popular Taiwanese IT manufacturer – has put together an impressive US$150,000 prize pool. This directly reflects the size of this esports tournament as it covers seven Asian countries – Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, India, Hong Kong, and Malaysia.

At press time, the qualifying events have already kicked off in all seven nations with various rounds coming up in the next few weeks and run up till December 2017. Malaysia’s very own leg – its second half in fact – will take place this weekend. From there, four teams will face each other and four ‘Invited Teams’ in the Malaysia Finals on November 25-26 2017.

The Malaysian team that takes home the gold will not only get a spot at the Acer Predator League Grand Finals but also take home RM25,000 in cash.

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Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines have similar events taking place though they pack in their own add-on events as well to spice things up for all those involved.

Those keen to catch the matches can check out the Acer Predator League dedicated portal or its Facebook page for streaming details!

As for the main event, it is expected to take place in Indonesia and is still open for all comers to sign-up. Teams at all levels, who believe they can take the crown, do head on over to the dedicated webpage and sign up. Hurry up, January 2018 is not that far away!