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The 2017 EU LCS Season is Back and Better than Ever

European League Championship Series Spring Preview

Carmelo Joseph III Favie

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The EU League Championship Series 2017 Spring Split is set to begin tomorrow early morning with Origen and H2k-Gaming kicking off the season with the very first best-of-three series in the European region. Last year, the LCS regions did away with the long-time best-of-one series format for the group stage matchups. This year, EU goes on to adopt more changes by picking up a two group system.


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The EU teams have been split equally into two groups via a snake draft which started with G2 Esports and H2k-Gaming picking from opposite sides of the tournament. The matches will be spread out across 3 stages, having a double round robin within each of the groups, and a single round robin stage where the teams across the two groups.

The new format will be a great opportunity for some of the teams to break into the upper ranks of the region, especially since a lot of the former top teams have experienced downtrends in recent history.

Laying the Foundation

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Splyce were the unlikely EU heroes to rise to the challenge of the power vacuum in the Summer Season of the 2017 EU LCS. SPY went on to represent the region in the 2016 League of Legends World Champioship following the deterioration of Origen and Fnatic. The yellow squad are like G2 in that they have made no roster changes since the 2016 season. Regardless of their performance in last year's EU LCS, they need to fight tooth and nail for their former LCS spot after their dismal performance at Worlds. G2 Esports take on Fnatic's new roster this week, while Splyce take on the region's former 2nd seed H2k-Gaming.