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Team WE's Mystical Carry

Chasing the Summoner's Cup

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Written by Peter "ZDS" Tingson

China’s New Elite: WE Mystic

After five consecutive years of missing Worlds and being one of the weaker teams in the local Chinese LoL scene, Team WE have the opportunity to earn their place among the game’s greats. Team WE are still in the running for the 2017 Summoner's Cup. They managed to make it to the quarterfinals with the first seed of their group.

The Road to Worlds

One of the factors for Team WE’s rise is the play of their ADC, "Mystic", who has risen through the ranks as one of the best carry's in China. Mystic's strong laning phase and superb team fight capabilities helped build his legend.

Mystic’s road to Worlds was definitely a difficult one. His debut in competitive League of Legends was in his native Korea’s LCK, but he moved to China after an unsuccessful season that saw his former team winless.

While he and his new LPL team, Team WE, showed potential in the IEM IX World Championship by eliminating tournament favorites, Korea’s GE Tigers, they ultimately settled for 2nd place after a loss to Team SoloMid.

It was during the LPL’s 2017 Spring Season that Team WE won their first title and started becoming a contender for a spot at Worlds. Part of their newfound success was a shift in the team’s dynamic by working to create more opportunities for Mystic to carry the team. He hasn’t disappointed since he was given increased priority. Mystic achieved great heights with WE, even managing to rival and at times perform better when matched up against China’s best homegrown ADC, Jian “Uzi” Zi-Hao. If there’s a player who’ll help Team WE win their first world championship and finally live up to their name as the World Elite, it’s Mystic.

Catch Mystic and Team WE’s journey to for their first Summoner’s Cup by tuning into the Worlds 2017 quarterfinals! They go up against Cloud9 this coming Sunday, October 22, 2017.