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Team Secret Sweeps Team Liquid for DreamLeague Season 8 Championship

Team Secret moves on top of the Dota Pro Circuit rankings

Maouie Reyes

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Team Secret has clinched their first Major tournament championship after sweeping Team Liquid, 3-0, in the grand finals of the DreamLeague Season 8, the second Major tournament of the Dota Pro Circuit.

Team Secret had a phenomenal tournament run which can be traced all the way from the European/CIS qualifiers. Throughout the main event, the European powerhouse was only beaten a single game and it was already at the Winner’s Finals against Team Liquid.

Despite the humbling sweep, the grand finals rematch between Team Secret and Team Liquid was undeniably hard-fought. The first two games went over for almost an hour sheerly because of the Lone Druid.

Both teams took turns on using the Syllabear with Team Liquid drafting it in the first game for MATUMBAMAN. With a total of 76 deaths, 69 of which came from Team Secret, the game was supposed to be a lopsided blood bath. However, with the split-pushing prowess of the Spirit Bear, Team Liquid managed to keep the gold advantage to their side.

This was when Puppey’s surprise midlane Kunkka draft for MidOne paid off. With a Divine Rapier and two Daedalus, MidOne was able to claim four of Team Liquid’s heroes in a team fight near the Roshan pit all due to the Tidebringer’s insane damage. At one point, Kunkka was able to deal 2226 physical damage in a single hit against MATUMBAMAN’s Syllabear.

After a somewhat traumatizing Lone Druid experience in the first game, Puppey decided to steal the Lone Druid pick for Ace during the second game and another surprise Arc Warden pick for MidOne.

Team Liquid had a better early game during the second match. Miracle-’s Tinker was able to secure his Boots of Travel at the 12-minute mark, fending off any split pushing that may come from the Lone Druid or the Arc Warden. However, despite their mid game advantage, Team Liquid was unable to secure high ground due to FATA’s Tidehunter and YapzOr’s Sand King.

Ace’s Lone Druid got out of control come the late game. Team Secret was able to take two lanes of racks off Team Liquid just because of the Spirit Bear with a little help from the Tempest Double. After securing the Aegis of Immortal, Cheese, and the Refresher Shard, Team Secret walked through the middle lane at the 60th-minute mark with a potential triple Ravage on FATA. Team Secret, however, only needed two to secure the game two.

The final game of the series exhibited burn out from Team Liquid. Kuroky opted for an early game strategy empowered by the pushing capabilities of Drow Ranger, Nature’s Prophet, Undying, Omniknight, and Vengeful Spirit. Unfortunately, their early game potential was shut down by a Bane pick from Puppey which rendered Miracle-’s Drow Ranger useless with Enfeeble.

Team Liquid never made a dent on Team Secret’s advantage through the course of the final game. Team Secret almost needed no effort on securing team fights thanks to FATA’s Underlord who led the charge with his Crimson Guard and Atrophy Aura. After successfully seizing high ground at the 35th-minute mark, Team Liquid was forced to tap out.

With their win, Team Secret advanced to the top of the Dota Pro Circuit rankings with 3690 points. Team Liquid, meanwhile, moved to the second spot with 2700 Dota Pro Circuit points.