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Team Potato reclaims throne, secures fourth gold before ESGS

Juno Reyes

Team Potato, champions once more

The last regular leg of the Dragon Nest Mineski Pro-Gaming League 7 drew to a close yesterday, September 13, with a fabled team reclaiming its throne on top of the local scene.

Bulacan's Team Potato claimed their fourth championship in sixth outings, merely a month after failing to even enter the finals last leg. This time around they defeated the same team that ended their 3-championship streak, as they eked out a tight 3-2 victory over Raviance in the finals.

Raviance continues in their warpath to the top of the PH DN scene

Raviance, despite finishing the regular season without a leg championship, continue to make a name for themselves as giant killers, as they edged past defending champions Team F in the semis. With their second straight trip to the finals, not only do they reinforce the fact that they're only the third team to make it all the way to the grand stage, and the only one outside of Team F and Potato, but they can now also boast of being the only team to have beaten the same two titans in a full playoff series the entire season.

Meanwhile, Pic-A became the season's final Class A champion, with Saga right behind them in second place. Team Blocked triumphed over Kahit Ano in order to claim the Class G title.

Team Pic-A


The thrilling MPGL7 DN saga reaches its full climax this October at the Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit (ESGS), where the overall champion shall be crowned!

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