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Team Manila Eagles will face Mineski at Rampage 2017

2017 PGS Summer Playoffs Semifinals

Carmelo Joseph III Favie

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The defending Rampage PGS champions Acclaim EmpireX were taken out of the race yesterday by Mineski League of Legends. It was a lengthy series that ended in a commanding 3-1 reverse sweep victory for the Mineski squad. They move on to the Semifinals today where a waiting Imperium Pro Team patiently prepare for a tough best-of-five series.

These two teams have graced the stages of multiple Rampage events across the history of the biggest League of Legends gathering in the Philippines. MSKI head into the series with a head full of steam with good morale after an impressive victory yesterday. IPT lie in wait with their bolstered roster, owing mostly to the return of the veteran Support, Shadow. The winner of today's match will move on to face the Manila Eagles at Rampage on the 30th of July at the World Trade Center in Pasay.

Mineski Back at it Again

The first game of the series two AD Carries facing off in the mid lane, with Exosen running a Lucian and Light on the Corki. The Mineski mid laner proved to be more of a team fight presence with his fed Lucian which helped to bump his team to an 18-10 31 minute game 1 victory. Light would immediately get his revenge in the 2nd game on another attempt at Corki, rampaging towards a 10 kill score to balance out the series 1-1 as the night went on.

Mineski would go on to dominate the following 2 games to secure the Rampage ticket and beat out their long-time rivals IPT. Mineski will be advancing to the Grand Finals stage at Rampage 2017 to battle the undefeated TME squad. The Eagles will prove to be the greatest and final challenge that Mineski will have to face to reclaim their old Rampage title. Will the Eagles make history and return the glory to their once-great name, or will Mineski prove the mastery over their new roster?