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Team Flash Signs Dota 2 Team

A New Challenger Enters

Maouie Reyes

Team Flash, a Singapore-based esports team, signed a 5-man Malaysian Dota 2 squad in partnership with NVIDIA and Orange Esports. This move marks the organization’s first significant esports investment as they provide players with 24/7 training and living headquarters in preparation for the Dota Pro Circuit.

Team Flash Bootcamp

Although relatively new to the scene, the squad composed of Kim ‘Unknown’ Jit Pin, Yeong ‘Mercury’ Kai Soon, Wang ‘Gy’ Kok Guan, Tan ‘TrazaM’ Kai Soon, and Tan ‘jjz’ Jia Jun has already represented Malaysia in massive tournaments like the Malaysian Esports League and the Acer Predator League.

In a statement made by Team Flash’s captain, jjz, he expressed his hopes for their new journey, “it’s a new experience for my teammates and me, but we feel great about the opportunity to join Team Flash and begin our full-time career in gaming. I think every Dota 2 player has the same dream, to attend TI one day.

For now, we are aiming to qualify for the Major & Minor leagues this season because the team is new and we need time to develop ourselves. Big thanks to Team Flash for giving us this lifetime opportunity.

Acting as Team Flash’s full-time coach is Joel ‘Xtinct’ Chan, a former professional Dota 2 player. The seasoned Southeast Asian veteran represented Malaysia at The International from 2012 to 2014. Carrying the banner of Orange Esports, Xtinct was able to land a third place finish during The International 2013 with Mushi, kYxY, Ohaiyo, and Net.

On entering the competitive Dota 2 scene, Terence Ting, CEO & Co-founder of Team Flash, believes that grooming new talent is better than going for proven names, “”this is a team that can go the distance and establish ourselves as a top contender in Southeast Asia. With the support and infrastructure Team Flash will be providing including a professional gaming incubator, the team will be able to fully focus and elevate their game to the fullest potential.*”

Terence Ting ended his statement by thanking Team Flash’s new partners, NVIDIA and Orange Esports. Team Flash will be working with NVIDIA for brand activations in both Singapore & Malaysia. Orange Esports, meanwhile, will be in charge of the marketing activities.

Team Flash

  • Kim ‘Unknown’ Jit Pin
  • Yeong ‘Mercury’ Kai Soon
  • Wang ‘Gy’ Kok Guan
  • Tan ‘TrazaM’ Kai Soon
  • Tan ‘jjz’ Jia Jun (Captain)

Management Team

  • Joel ‘Xtinct’ Chan (Coach)
  • Harrison ‘Hachiko’ Truong (Analyst)
  • Bonnie ‘BonBon’ Wui (Manager)
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