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Steelback Joins Team Vitality

Pre-Season 2017 Roster Update

Carmelo Joseph III Favie

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It's no secret that the EU LCS got shaken up during the Summer Split this year. We saw the fall of some of the top teams in the region, while G2 Esoprts and Splyce clashed for the top spot. Fnatic, Origen, and Team Vitality were nowhere to be found among the regions rising stars. The team that had the most difficulty was Team ROCCAT.

ROCCAT finished 9th in the Spring Split, but fell all the way to the bottom spot after the Summer season. Despite their amazing performance near the beginning of the summer split, they quickly dropped to the bottom of the region. The team's string of dismal split performances has led to the departure of their star AD Carry Pierre "Steeelback" Medjaldi.

Steelback's Journey

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Steelback was known for being part of the star FNC lineup back in the Spring split of 2015. He has since transferred to play for other EU LCS teams such as Unicorns of Love and most recently, ROCCAT. He now looks to find a better place in a new team as he is set to join Team Vitality. VIT released the announcement earlier this week and you can check it out here. Steelback had the following to say regarding his new team:

"I'm both happy and excited to join Team Vitality. Following a disappointing season, I want more than ever to be part of 2017 World Championship and I feel it's something that I might be able to do here. Also, even if it didn't really impacted my choice, it would be fantastic to offer to french supporters the first participation of an organization from our country in World Championship since creation of LCS."

Vitality much like Steelback, are set to begin their road to redemption with the seventh season of League of Legends. It'll be interesting to see Steelback pairing up with Vitality star Support kaSing. Watch out for this team to mount a comeback when the EU LCS restarts next year. For more news on the competitive League of Legends scene, stay tuned to Mineski.net.