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Smoke Mid Everyday: Dust 2

The 9 essential smokes you need in CS:GO

Jiro Pineda

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, your smoke grenades can mean winning or losing the game. Through thousands of hours of gameplay, players were able to determine smoke spots that could potentially turn the tides of battle (if you use them right). We take a look at the quintessential map of CS:GO, Dust 2.

Use this as a reference.

T-Side Smokes

A Long Smoke

Aim right above the third marker from the left, as soon as your ring finger knuckle hits the building, left click throw.

This will smoke off any CT that's watching Long Doors.

Cross Smoke from Long A

Aim somewhere above the tooth, make a rectangle from the corner of the building and the shade. Run forward. As soon as your crosshair reaches the top of the roof of the dentist building, left click throw. The smoke should cover you from CT-spawn.

Mid smoke from T-Spawn

Go to the corner behind spawn. This smoke will cover mid doors. It's a left click throw. Time it as soon as you jump.

Xbox Smoke from T-Spawn

Go to the same corner as the Mid smoke from T-Spawn, line your crosshair up with the shadow, aim slightly above the building then jump throw (left click). This will completely shut down any awper looking for kills at high mid.

CT Smoke from Short

Press and hold the left and right mouse button of your mouse, run forward and time your throw to the ledge. This will smoke off CT spawn completely.

Mid-to-B Smoke

From Xbox, aim just above the edge of the box and aim at the building then left click throw. This will smoke CT-spawn and cover your push from mid going to B.

CT-side Smokes

Cross to B

Aim at the box and just run and throw. This should give the T-Awper a hard time hitting you while you cross to B.

High Mid Smoke

This smoke will block off any T-Spawn awper's vision and allow you to cross to B or go to Lower Tunnels. Aim slightly above the arch then jump throw.

B Tunnel Smoke

Go right up against the narrow window on the right side, aim at the middle of the crane then throw. This will smoke off B-Tunnels and stop any rushes.

A-Short Smoke

Go up against the big crate in A-Site, aim exactly at the edge of the building then throw. This will smoke off B-short from any aggression.