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SKT To Throw Down Versus Kpop Group Gugudan

It's disappointingly a LoL game and not a dance battle

Izo Lopez

Banner image credit: Koogle TV and LoL Esports

In what seems to be the bizzare esports version of Floyd vs Mayweather, the world's best League of Legends team SK Telecom T1 will play against five of Kpop girl group Gugudan's nine members on Sept. 11 at the OGN e Stadium in Seoul, South Korea. Not so much a showmatch, the featured games will likely just be a set of for-fun matches.

That's right: the reigning triple-Worlds champions versus Jellyfish Entertainment's treasured girl group.

The Gugudan members who will be playing are Mimi, Hyeyeon, Hana, Soyee, and Haebin. Hana, as the listed leader and lead dancer of the girl group, will likely be the captain. In terms of laning, Kpop choreography rarely stays in a single static formation so expect every member to rotate and share the time in mid, based on line distribution.

The only other guess we can make is that Hyeyeon, the group "maknae" or "little sister" will probably be the carry. Despite the fact that respect for seniority is a big deal in Korea, most Kpop groups tend to baby their maknae, with only a little bullying -- much like a carry. If not carry, then Hyeyeon should jungle and face off against SKT's own maknae, Peanut.

Though of course the odds are in SKT's favor, we're not about to count out Gugudan. Remember that these girls have themselves been training in their craft for years, and whatever they lack in experience they might be able to make up for in discipline (or pheromones). Part of LoL, after all, is doing cute things and earning lots of gold, which is right up a Kpop group's alley.

The specific matchup itself was decided by a rigorous vetting process executed by SKT members themselves.

It would seem the choice to play against Gugudan may have been motivated by a desire to teach the girls how to play, hands on. Also see: Ghost Pottery Scene.

We'd like to believe that this may actually be SKT's greatest challenge yet. As the LoL teams of the world prove to no longer be a consistent challenge to Faker and the boys, perhaps the storied pro team has set their sights on conquering a new industry.

Who knows: this could be the first in an epic anime-esque series where SKT fights their way up the Kpop girl group ladder. First, Gugudan, then eventually SKT can fight their way up to BlackPink, or Twice, or even the returned SNSD.

It is, after all, only less than a month away before Worlds 2017 kicks off. It is not as if the unbeatable team has anything better to do in the meantime.