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SK Telecom T1 Eliminates Afreeca Freecs 2-0

The Gauntlet has Begun

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The 2017 LCK Summer Playoffs kicked off today in what promises to be one grueling gauntlet filled with intense League of Legends action. Several teams in the LCK had their fair share of rough games over the duration of the Summer Split. This is most apparent in the SK Telecom T1 losing streak that caused many to question their capabilities. Despite the tough regular season, the five best teams of the Korean region have proven their worth by claiming their spots in the Playoffs.

SK Telecom T1 return to the Playoffs stage in the very first round of the ladder after nearly getting eliminated from Playoffs contention. The defending world champions face off against the 5th seeded Afreeca Freecs. AFs may have barely qualified for the Playoffs themselves but they have proven that they deserve their spot. Just how far can MaRin and the rest of the Freecs make it.

High Risk, High Reward?

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Afreeca Freecs had a very interesting game plan in mind for the first game of the series. They banked all of their hopes on a collective effort to get their Support Janna a rushed Ardent Censer item. They went so far as to pick up an ancient coin for their Twitch carry to help net some gold for the Support. AFs managed to get first blood and things were beginning to look up, up until SKT systematically ripped apart their cheese strategy. SK Telecom T1 managed to get the first turret of the game and slowly push their advantage to end the game on mostly objectives. Afreeca did indeed manage to gain a significant gold lead over SKT with their unorthodox strategy, but it all proved fruitless in the end. SKT managed to tear down the first Nexus of the series with a low-scoring 6-2 score on the board in 33 minutes time.

SKT would go on to sweep the best-of-three series to kick off the LCK Playoffs, eliminating the Afreeca Freecs in the process. SKT Jungler Peanut came into his own during the second game, going so far as to secure a baron steal in the final minutes of the series to assure victory for his side. The next round of the Playoffs will be a Worlds 2016 Grand Finals Rematch as Samsung Galaxy wait in the wings for SKT to continue their climb up the gauntlet.