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SEA Hearthstone Pros Reveal Their Winter Championship Bets

Let the best help you choose the best

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With the Winter Championships in the sunny Bahamas coming up, the best players in the world are gearing up to duel and audiences are gearing up to cheer them on.

Hearthstone players can champion one of the players in the tournament, essentially casting a vote for whom they think will win it all in Bahamas. Depending on how far your chosen champion gets in the tournament, you'll get free packs!

Choose your Champion here: CLICK

A few local Hearthstone pros have shared their choices to help you decide:

Eunil "Staz" Javiñas

"Pavel! He is currently rank 1 in Gosugamers which means he is the most consistent player at the moment. His lineup also seems pretty good."

"Chalk" Zaldivar

"OmegaZero. He's the strongest and most consistent player in China. Pavel, fr0zen, and neirea are good choices too but sometimes I'm weirded out by Pavel's choices. With Omega, I always like his plays."

Richard "Pompi" Castillo

"Pavel, because he's a buddy (Pompi met and defeated Pavel in iesf 2015 – but it was only best-of-3, he readily admits). Aside from that of course he's had consistent results since Blizzcon, but prefer voting for him because I know him."

Cara "CaraCute" VergeldeDios

"I will go with the World Champ Pavel. He is the most consistent player for me. I didn't vote for him last time but he was my 2nd choice and I will not make the same mistake again."

Laurence "Mechanics" Calija

"I chose OmegaZero. I have no real supporting arguments as to why I chose him but I just heard he's a god in the Chinese community."

(On a side note, Mechanics revealed his Filipino heritage as well: "Yep, it's true I am Filipino – 100% by blood. I was born in the Philippines but raised for 99% of my life in Singapore. I don't speak Tagalog at all and I can understand only a little.")

Ler Keng “heisnotaxel” Hong

"I voted for **shtanudachi **because he's a certified Hearthstone GOD. There are players who netdeck and there are those who create new decks and archetpes. Shtan belongs to the latter. In terms of raw skill level, I think he is the highest among the participants and I want to see the most skillful guy win."

Lan "Neilyo" Tran

"Tarei. He qualified for Blizzon 2014, and almost did it again in 2016. He's one of the most consistent and udnerrated players in the field."

Shoutcaster Jia Dee

"It's close, but I voted for Fr0zen because I think he's one of the most experienced players. He also had the guts to be the only one to bring water warrior to the playoffs – gotta respect that."

Shoutcaster Pathra Cadness

"Okay. I actually picked fr0zen. It wasn't cause of any sort of strategy though. I picked him even before I saw the decks. Although I do think he has a chance to win cause he's a good player in general and he is someone in the community I sometimes talk to every now and then. I helped him shop online for the Bahamas actually. My vote was more on who I'd want to see win."