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Road to the 2017 League of Legends Pre-Season

Patch 6.22 Notes

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ICYMI: Nerfs, Doom Bots, & Little Devil Teemo

The conclusion of this year's World Championship does not mean the end of the 6th season of League of Legends, because while the competitive teams are taking rest, Riot Games are ready to put out a brand new patch. The assassin reworks have been teased for the past few weeks, and they arrive sooner than any one would have thought. The new 6.22 patch includes a whole slew of game changing updates on Summoner's Rift.

The Next Step

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Summoner's Rift is set to receive a whole slew of changes that will change the competitive gaming meta. Fruits, Assassin Reworks, and Item changes are inbound.

The next class of Champions to receive a comprehensive update following the 2016 Mid-Season Mage update, is the Assassin class. Get ready for kills to go down top, mid, and bottom, as the assassins make their way back onto Summoner's Rfit. Talon, Katarina, Ekko, Fizz, and the other Assassins look to reclaim their rightful spot in the top-lane meta after being forcefully ousted by the tanks and juggernauts.

New Support items and ward mechanics will be introduced to the Rift, to give the Summoners the opportunity to be familiarized with all the new changes just before 2016 ends. The landscape is changed once again as the jungle meta is shaken up by the removal of the smite buffs, the adjustment of jungle camps, and the introduction of plants to the jungle that serve players with special effects. Check out all the Pre-Season 2017 changes in the spotlight video from Riot Games.

The 7th season of League of Legends is shaping up to be an exciting iteration before we officially get to it. Check the links to see all the specific number changes to the skills and mechanics. Stay tuned to Mineski.net as we bring you all of the League of Legends update.