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Road to Manila Cup Update: Tekken

The final stop

Gab Lazaro

The rains weren’t enough to deter the Road to Manila Cup this past weekend. Three weeks are all that remain as we countdown to the next big fighting game event in the Philippines, and this was the final stop for the two month long tournament circuit. From Manila to Ilocos, here’s our quick rundown of the matches that happened.

Tekken – Gold_Standard sets the bar with amazing comeback against Jet

Cosmic Gorgons over at Cubao Expo was packed to the brim as Tekken players came in full force, all vying for the last free slot at Manila Cup. Grand Finals came down to Feudal’s Jet Bustamante going up against Elite’s Joachim “Gold_Standard” Fuentes. Both players had strong showings throughout the pools, until they met in winner’s semi-finals where Jet bested Gold_Standard after a clutch game 2. Meeting again in grand finals, Gold_Standard was out to make sure there won’t be a repeat of earlier results.

While Jet stuck with Dragunov, Gold_Standard made the early adjustment and immediately went to the masked luchador King. Their matches during the first set can only be described as a slugfest, with rounds going down to the wire, and each game coming down to the last round.

The momentum started shifting when Gold_Standard ended game three with a perfect. It was Jet’s turn to adapt, and he opted to go for Akuma entering game four. This proved ineffective to Jet’s misfortune, and Gold_Standard took game four with three rounds straight to reset the bracket.

With his Akuma pick proven unsuccessful, Jet returned to his Dragunov. He started the new set convincingly with a clean three round game of his own. Gold_Standard then again made an adjustment, switching out King for Claudio, one of the newer characters. This turned the tables once again, giving Gold_Standard a clean game two and a convincing game three, putting him at match point.

So close to the title, Jet went all out in game four, taking the first two rounds convincingly with a notable rage art finish in round two. Gold_Standard would maintain his composure however, and managed to bring the game back to two rounds apiece. In the final round, Jet made two crucial whiffs. Gold_Standard capitalized on Jet’s mistakes with two big combos to take the game, the tournament and the free slot.

Gold_Standard (Left)

Ilocos Hi-Gear hosts Tekken Event

Way up in the north over at Ilocos, amusement center Hi-Gear also hosted its own Road to Manila Cup tournament for Tekken. We’d like to congratulate the winners and hope to see them over here in Manila in September.

1st - Wicked, will be going to Manila Cup 2017

2nd - Jiromanio

3rd - [LDDS] Johnny Thor

Johnny Thor (Left) Wicked (Top Middle) and Jiromanio (Right)

With that, we come to an end for the Road to Manila Cup tournaments. Fighting game action however is far from over. This weekend, the Philippine leg of the South East Asia Tekken Amateurs Cup will be held over at Playbook Circuit Makati. The winner will receive roundtrip tickets to Singapore to participate in the TWT Asia-Pacific Regional Finals at South East Asia Major.