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Road To Manila Cup Update: Street Fighter V and More International Players Announced

Less than a month away from the big bash

Gab Lazaro

The Road to Manila Cup continued this past Saturday featuring Street Fighter V. Over at Playbook Circuit Makati, players competed to get free entry into September’s big event. With Daigo already confirmed and more international players expected to sign up, players were going all out to secure themselves a spot for Manila Cup 2017

Jeff Lu Completes Download of Jay-r to take the Championship

Grand finals came down to two strong contenders, Jay-R Ong with Guile on winner’s side and Jeff Lu using M. Bison on the loser’s side. Jeff is regarded by many in the local community the premier Philippine Dictator player. After getting sent into the loser’s bracket early on, his skills were put on full display as he powered through everyone without much problem to get to grand finals. His opponent Jay-r was no slouch however, and was playing brilliantly, going into the the set after clutching it out in winner’s finals with an impressive comeback.

The set started quite dominantly for Jay-R as he took the first game convincingly. Game two saw Jeff having a better start as he took the first round, only for Jay-R to answer back and take the next two, ending game two with a wake up flash kick into a Critical Art. Momentum in his side now, many had expected for Jay-R to take the championship. Jeff however, was only getting started.

In an impressive turnaround, Jeff managed to win the next three games convincingly, taking the momentum and resetting the bracket. During his run he made good use of Bison’s tools, especially the dictator's V-Skill and Devil’s Reverse to counter Guile’s zoning and anti air options. This allowed Jeff to get up close and control the match.

Jeff’s dominance continued on in the next set as he won the first game, landing big combos and utilizing Bison’s movement to keep Jay-R guessing. Backed to a corner, Jay-R tried to make an adaptation by switching out to Urien. Jeff though just couldn’t be contained as he won once more. Knowing he had Jay-R on the ropes, Jeff went all out in game three. One final mix up gave him the opening to take the set and the free slot for Manila Cup 2017.

Jay-R didn't come out empty handed despite the loss. Similar to the previous Tekken tournaments, he still managed to score free entry to the event thanks to the number of participants.

Zowie Oil King and r/Kappa 310 confirmed for Manila Cup

Along with the tournament, more International player registrations have been made public as we draw closer to the event.

R/Kappa has once again come together to sponsor another Guilty Gear player, this time the Evolution top 8 finisher, Venom player 310.

The high flying Rashid Player from Taiwan, Li-Wei "Oil King" Lin has also confirmed his attendance. Expect to see tricky stuff from him during the tournament.

This weekend, the Road to Manila Cup continues with three games, Tekken 7 over at Cosmic Gorgons in Cubao Expo and Street Fighter V along with King of Fighters XIV at SJCAM game station in Robinsons Fairview.