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Road To Manila Cup Update: Blazblue, Super Smash Bros and Tekken

We're halfway there

Gab Lazaro

The Road to Manila Cup continued this past weekend, featuring three games in three different Venues. In Cosmic Gorgons it was Super Smash Bros., Chill In Game Station got anime with Blazblue Central Fiction, and over at Playbook Circuit Makati Tekken 7 was the highlighted title. Here’s our rundown of the day’s events:

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U – DJLive recovers from a failed start to take the Championship

Grand finals for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U was between Daniel “DJLive” in Loser’s and 2BLZE in winner’s side. DJLive was sent to the loser’s bracket early on had to run quite the gauntlet to get to grand finals.

Things were off to a rocky start for DJLive as their first game ended in a rather embarrassing self-destruct. He already had a pretty commanding lead but he mistakenly used Yoshi’s down special to fall right off the stage, giving game one to 2BLZE . Instead of being deterred, DJLive only became more focused, winning the next three games convincingly to reset the bracket.

DJLive’s momentum could not be stopped. It was clear that he had a read on his opponent. 2BLZE was overwhelmed as DJLive took the next two games in the bracket reset. A final up smash after a scramble gave DJLive the win and the slot for Manila Cup 2017.

Blazblue Central Fiction – NXAstral finally wins after a second time around

For its third leg on the tournament circuit, Blazblue’s grand finals over at Chill In game station came down to Nicx “NXAstral” Cua and Capman. In a scenario that mirror’s Blazblue’s previous stop on the Road to Manila cup, this is Nicx’s second time appearing in grand finals. In the second leg of Blazblue he fell short of the grand prize as he lost to Anthon Chico. Funnily enough, Chico himself had lost in grand finals of the first leg. Capman on the otherhand had good placings in the previous events, but had problems breaking into grand finals. Now finally in the spotlight, it was his time to shine.

Match Starts at 24:00

Their match started with Astral on Litchi and Capman using Celica. Astral took the first round in dominating fashion. Capman answered back with a commanding round of his own. During the third round, Astral manages to land several lose hits on Capman during a series of scrambles to give him game one.

Going into game two, Capman decided to switch characters to try and adapt to Astral. He opted to go for Nine considered by many to be one of the strongest characters in the roster. He made quick work of game two to tie up the series at one game apiece.

As quickly as Capman made the change, Astral was also able to make the adaptations. Despite losing the first round in game three, Astral mounted a comeback to take it over Capman and put himself on tournament point.From there on out it was all Astral as he took two rounds straight to win game four, ending the set 3 – 1 and taking the last free slot for Blazblue in Manila Cup.

Tekken 7 - Elite’s Jule’s takes it from the returning Ray

Over at Playbook, Tekken grand finals came down to Elite’s Juliano “Jules” Lozano on the winner’s side with Bob and Ray Carvajal with Josie. Ray was an old vet coming back from a long hiatus since Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Last Saturday was his first tournament since his time away from the franchise, and it was nothing short of spectacular. Similar to DJLive in smash, Ray was dropped into loser’s bracket during the first round and had to run a marathon through the tournament. Jules had his work cut out for him as Ray entered grand finals riding one impressive hot streak.

Their match started strong for Jules, taking the first game convincingly with his Bob. Ray had started adapting though and claimed the next two games after several clutch comebacks and moments, sealing off game three with a perfect with Josie. Now facing the possibility of a bracket reset, Jules finally chose to bring out his Jin. The first round was dominating, as Jules utilized Jin’s parries and damaging combos to take the win. Ray managed to quickly change gears, going on the offensive and staying in Jin’s face. The pressure paid off, and Ray managed to reset the bracket.

In their following set, Jules started picking up the pace and took the first two games without much trouble. Refusing to give up, Ray answered back by winning game three, which included an impressive rage art comeback in round three. Jules would not be denied and he ended grand finals with a highly damaging wall carry combo to win the tournament.

Thanks to the number of entrants, Ray managed to score free entry to Manila Cup 2017 despite not winning the tournament. We hope to see more of his Josie in coming events.

This weekend, only one game will be highlighted for the Road to Manila Cup; Street Fighter V over at Playbook Circuit Makati. The announcement of Daigo coming to Manila Cup just last week has everyone riled up and things are expected to get intense this coming Saturday.