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Road To Manila Cup Update: Blazblue and Injustice 2

The road to September continues

Gab Lazaro

The third stop for the Road To Manila Cup Circuit happened this past weekend, this time in Cosmic Gorgons Gaming and Art Lounge over at Cubao Expo. Games highlighted this time include Injustice 2 and Blazblue Central Fiction, now on its second qualifying leg. Here’s our rundown of the day’s events:

Blazblue Central Fiction - Anthon Chico Is Going To The Manila Cup

Kicking things off with Blazblue, the grand finals came down to Anthon Chico and his Mai taking on Nicx “Nxastral” Chua.

If you remember, Chico managed to make it to grand finals in the first Road to Manila Cup tournament, however just fell short of the grand prize as he was beaten by Carlo “Blitzer” Navarro. Making a second appearance this time around and with the winner’s bracket advantage, he was in a better position to win the championship.

His opponent Nicx is a longtime friend. Both started picking up Blazblue at the same time, picking it up during the game’s second iteration which was released over seven years ago. Needless to say, both are familiar with how each other’s play style and many expected a good match between the two.

Game one ended with a solid finish for Chico, making good use of Mai’s unique projectile spear in round one and clutching it out in round two with and overdrive super move. In game two, Nicx took the match thanks to some very good pressure strings, solid combos and one crucial burst bait at the end of round three.

The next game started off strong for Nicx who managed to land a pretty damaging series of moves to gain the huge life lead. However an unsafe uppercut left him wide open. Chico took full advantage of the Nicx’s mistake and managed to rally a comeback in round one. Round two again we saw Chico make effective use of Mai’s projectile, winning the match and giving him the lead 2-1.

At the brink of being eliminated, Nicx stepped it up and started game four with a dominating display in round one. In round two, mistakes of the game prior would repeat itself as Nicx missed two uppercuts. Again this gave Chico the advantage as he took the round and was now on tournament point. Fortunately for Nicx, he managed to do a repeat of his round one performance. A final combo to end the round and now the set was tied at two games apiece.

Now at the final game, Chico managed to catch Nicx with a grab to start off his offense. He ends round one convincingly, and now again at tournament point. In round two, Chico clips Nicx with an anti-air move, leading to a solid combo. With the life advantage on his side, Chico started going on the defensive. Another blocked uppercut from Nicx led to another big combo for Chico. Now in prime position to win, Chico hit Nicx with Mai’s spear projectile. A final follow up secured Chico's first ever tournament win and his slot in Manila Cup 2017.

Injustice 2 - Champo Wins With A Character Swap

The Injustice 2 grand finals came down to FGS’s Paolo Miguel “Panda” Domingo going up against Cosmic Gorgons’ own Juan Miguel Champo.

Similar to Chico, Champo already made a grand finals appearance in the Road to Manila Cup . Previously, it was for Mortal Kombat. Another win here would not only guarantee him another slot in September, but also establish him as one of the more formidable players in the NRS local community. With the winner’s advantage at Champo’s side, Panda was in for an uphill battle.

Unfortunately for Panda, it seems that Champo’s skill in Mortal Kombat also translated well to Injustice. Champo took the first two games convincingly over Panda despite the latter’s character switch, making use of Superman’s forward 2, 3 and good zoning game.

In game three, it seemed for a moment that Panda started making adaptations, outlasting Champo after a series of scrambles. With two games still left to give and not much pressure, Champo opted to switch out Superman and use Harley Quinn. Champo’s sudden change proved too much for Panda to handle, and Champo ended the first Road to Manila Cup Injustice 2 grand finals with a 3 – 1 score.

This weekend, three games will be featured in two different venues. At Playbook Circuit Makati, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and the second leg of Injustice 2 will be played out. Meanwhile the first leg of Tekken 7 will be held over at Chill In Game Station in Manila.