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Riot Games Sign Multi-Million Dollar Deal With BAMTech

LoL Esports in 2017

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Earlier this year, Riot Games announced their intent to improve their overall Esports ecosystem, to make the game more sustainable for all parties involved. Many have pointed to the LCS broadcasting system as a weak part of the LoL Esports body. Riot look to address this with their recent partnership with Major League Baseball Advance Media's BAMTech.

Moving Forward

The multi-million dollar deal between these gigantic companies is a good influx for League of Legends, set to take effect until 2023. BAMTech has had bountiful experience with partnerships with the NHL and the PGA, and this deal with Riot will be their first foray into the world of Esports. A free mobile app is set to be developed by BAMTech in accordance with their partnership with Riot Games. Things continue to look up for one of the biggest games in the Esports world today.