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Recca Esports is Champion of Zen Esports Network League

Indonesian CS:GO team dominated the competition!

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Written by Eric Soejatno

Zen Esports Network League saw four Southeast Asian CS:GO teams compete at the ESL Studio in Sydney, Austrailia for a total prize of $39.000 AUD. Representing Asia were Recca Esports and MVP.PK, while Dark Sided and Immunity were the Austrailian audience's champions. The eventual winner, however, was Indonesian team Recca Esports with a very strong performance.

Recca Esports vs Dark Sided (Semifinal)

With Mirage as the first map, the semifinals saw a strong start from Recca with a final score of 16-2. With the second round on Cache also going 3-12 in Recca's favor before eventually going 7-16, it was a pure stomp.

Recca Esports vs MVP.PK (Upper bracket Final)

Recca continued their journey to the upper bracket semifinals where they met MVP.PK, the team that defeated Immunity in their semifinals bout.

The first map was Inferno, and Recca struggled with a six-point deficit against MVP.PK before the 9th round. Recca turned it around however and chased MVP.PK up to a 7-8 score, before overtaking MVP.PK and closing the round at 16-10. In the second round in Cobblestone, Recca showed no mercy, winning with a lopsided 16-4 score.

The MVP of both matches was BnTeT who is already officially signed to Chinese team Tyloo. The Zen Esports Network League would be his last event with Recca Esports.

Recca Esports vs MVP.PK (Grand Final)

Recca Esports met MVP.PK again for an intense grand finals. Inferno continued to be Recca's bane with MVP.PK winning the first round with an aggressive 16-3 score.

The second game on Mirage was much closer, the score once again reaching 8-7, this time in Recca's favor. A quick triple kill by BnTeT in round 2 and a clutch defuse by xccurate at 22 HP in round 22 proved to be the defining moments of the game. Advantage Recca, with 16-8.

With Train for the last map, Recca started the game off with a lead reaching 11-4. In the second half, MVP.PK tried their best to close the gap but an amazing performance by roseau in a close 1v1 in the last round gave Recca Esports the final win at 16-7.

And so the new champion of the Zen Esports Network League became Recca Esports.

Here is the result of Zen Esports Network League :

  • 1st Recca Esports ($18.000 AUD)

  • 2nd MVP.PK ($9.000 AUD)

  • 3rd Team Immunity ($7.000 AUD)

  • 4th Dark Sided ($5.000 AUD)

Congratulations to Recca Esports and hope they continue to make us proud for the Southeast Asian CS:GO scene.

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