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Ragnarok Online Is Back

The Philippines' most beloved MMORPG will have an active PH server again

Izo Lopez

If there's one other game that has ever united Filipino gamers as much as Dota, it has to be Ragnarok Online. Who can forget growing up to the soothing sounds of Payon ocassionally interrupted by the noise of people warping? Or paying for cross-map commutes with zeny only to be teleported to a dead-end map where you must pay for a return fee. My personal favorite was being asked as a SinX for "baps" (buffs, colloquially) even if all you have is Detoxify. Beg on, noob.

Sarcasm aside, despite its flaws, many of us fell deply in love with the game. For many, it marks the childhood of many would-be gamers. There are even several programmers and engineers now who found their passion for coding through botting the game. Even up to now, private servers cater to players who refused to leave the game even after the official servers closed down in 2015. Ragnarok Online is a part of modern Filipino culture.

That is why it is with great excitement that we can say that the Philippine server will be opening once again in the near future.

The official announcement was made by the COO of Gravity (the developer of RO) himself, Kitamura Yoshinori during the recent successful Ragna Fest at SM North Edsa Annex: “We took a short break for five years to have a new start and we are now more than ready to make our way up once again in the Philippines.”

This return of Ragnarok Online's official PH server is due in part to the game's resurgence of popularity in Thailand, where the Ragnarok community is again almost as active as it was in 2003. If the same happens in the Philippines, that means the community of nearly 10 million players that were active during the game's heyday could once again fill the streets of Prontera.

Yoshinori also teased the possibility of Philippines-specific content, on top of the Philippines-themed Malaya maps from the Renewal update. Rithiron Kaewvicheara, COO of Electronics Extreme (RO's new Southeast Asia publisher), has promised updated bot and cheat protection. Johnny Paek, CEO of Elite (RO's local publisher), also committed to meeting and engaging with players and guilds and cooperating with local cybercafes to ensure that the best possible service is provided to fans of the game.

Ragnarok is poised for a rennaisance, assuming that its familiar and time-tested gameplay can stand up to the faster-paced titles of this generation of games. As for the game's payment scheme and other such details, stay tuned as we await further official announcements.