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PGS Spring Split: Watch Out For Jengski

We sat down with Jengski jungler and captain Ashley 'Spe4r' Tenorio

Izo Lopez

Team Jengski is the team-to-watch this PGS Spring Split. They earned enough points in Piltover's Finest (the closest we have to a Challenger Series) and managed to claim a PGS slot from Wargods La Liga Pilipinas during the relegations. Now, after only a few months of competing seriously together as a team, these plucky newcomers to the pro scene are ready to make a name for themselves among the Philippines' top teams.

Mineski.net got to sit down with their captain and jungler, Ashley 'Spe4r' Tenorio, to get to know the newbie team a little bit more.

  • Top - Paul 'Whistle' Rivera
  • Jungler - Captain Ashley 'Spe4r' Tenorio
  • Mid - Angelo 'Spotless' Esmaquil
  • ADC - Patrick 'AceStyle' Yanson
  • Support - Fritz 'Blaze' Chavez
  • Sub - Aldrin 'Hype' Quintat

(The following interview has been translated from Filipino.)

Spe4r: Hello, my name is JSK.Spe4r, or Ashley Tenorio. I'm the captain and jungler for team Jengski. My LoL idol is Bengi who used to be in SKT, because I think he's the best Jungler. FYI, I'm the noisiest in the team.

Izoid: How was Jengski formed?

We used to just be Challenger players in solo queue.

The first time we met each other for the first time was in a small tournament at INfuzed net shop in Lagro. We randomly played with each other and won first place.

Since my friend's father is the owner of Jengski, a pisonet shop in Montalban (where two of our players stay), he decided to manage our team. Our manager's (Berlie De Vera Jr.) wife's name is Jeng, and he got the "ski" from Mineski because it sounds cool.

For now we're completely focused on doing well in the PGS.

What was your climb into the PGS like?

We used to play in the south but we weren't getting enough points and the competition was tough. We decided to compete in the north instead since three of us are from Bulacan area as well. Eventually we caught up and manage to get to the top in points at Piltover's Finest.

We didn't really expect we'de make it to the PGS - we just wanted to win as much as possible. We've only been a team for 3 months and back then we didn't even get to practice that much together. The only time we could play as a team was during thr actual tournaments.

Now, of course, we practice more and we have a bootcamp in the Jengski shop. I think the main reason we made it so far is because our teamwork is very good.

Image credit: Garena PH

What are you like as a team?

Mitsuya and I used to call the shots but now it's just me since he's not yet allowed to play in the PGS due to age restrictions.

We don't tilt even when we lose consecutively. Even when things are going bad we just continue to play and think about the game. That's just how we are: we always just enjoy the game.

What are your goals for the PGS season?

At the very least, top 4.

As much as we'd like to win the whole thing we recognize that there are many other strong teams and that we're very new. Of course if we can be 1st place that's great. But top 4 will be enough of an achievement for us.

Still, we're excited to fight Imperium Pro Team and Mineski. We definitely think we have a chance to win. They're also our idols but we want to surpass them.

Thank you! Any shoutouts

To my fans, I don't think you exist yet, haha. I promise we will do our best. I want to be the best Jungler in the PH.