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Pre-Kiev Major Shuffle Masterlist

Find out who went where

Julius Tabios

Having a hard time tracking down your favorite players and teams after the recent shuffle? Say no more! Mineski.net, as always, has got your back with the latest updates with a list of teams you have to keep an eye on in the pre-Kiev shuffle.


Team Primary Sub
Mineski.GGNetwork raging-_-potato Meracle RR Ninjaboogie Julz
TheNetCom Pro Team Raven Kuku Sam H RyoyR Tims
Execration Nando Gabbi DJ Kim0 Owa
HappyFeet Pason Benhur Yaj JessieVash Eyyou
Clutch Gamers Abing Armel FlySolo Boombacs Rapy
Team Faceless Black Jabz iceiceice Nutz xy
WarriorsGaming.Unity Ah Jit NaNa Kangaroo Ah Fu XNova
Geek Fam Teehee Crimson Velo Roddgee Syeonix
Signature.Trust Tigger Lakelz MyPro Solotic Boombel

The Filipino Dota scene is looking promising with several teams looking to dominate the SEA landscape. Teehee joins Geek Fam in Malaysia while legendary Filipino squad HappyFeet is making a comeback with the talismanic JessieVash leading the charge. TNC Pro Team finally looks formidable once again after briefly being at the bottom of the food chain.

With the MVP organization losing its star players it is a shock to see that they won't be fielding a top-tier team to watch out for. WG.Unity and Team Faceless continue to be powerhouses in the region as they remain the biggest road blocks to the Filipino squads.


Team Primary Sub
Team Secret MP MidOne Khezu Puppey pieliedie
Team Liquid MATUMBAMAN Miracle- MinD_ContRoL GH KuroKy
OG Dota 2 ana n0tail Jerax s4 Fly
B)ears Feero Fata Forev Yapzor 343
Cloud9 13abyKnight Ace HeStEJoE-RoTTeN NoiA Ryze
Ad Finem Madara ThuG SkyLark Maybe Next Time SsaSpartan
January 25th Era qojqva Trixi Hanni syndereN
Virtus.pro RAMZES666 n[0]one 9pasha Lil Solo
Natus Vincere Pajkatt Dendi General Biver rmn
Team Empire Chappie fn Ghostik Miposhka KingR

The European region continues to parade the best Dota 2 talent in the scene. Team Liquid breaks an MMR total record as they boast three players in the 9K MMR bracket: Miracle, Matumbaman, and new recruit GH. New crowd darlings Ad Finem look to capitalize on their Cinderella run in the Boston Major. The team will likely make waves again. Cloud9 ** looks to make a comeback in the Dota scene after picking up the **Danish Bears.

The CIS region still has the formidable Virtus.pro leading the charge for them. A new-look Natus Vincere looks to win the world's adoration with new captain and carry Pajkatt. Another interesting addition to the EU scene will be Malaysian star 343 who has decided to switch regions again as he joined the newly formed B)ears.


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Team Primary Sub
Evil Geniuses Arteezy SumaiL Universe Zai Crit Fear
Digital Chaos w33 Resolut1on MoonMeander MiSeRy Saksa
WanteD Qo Chessie Jeyo Boris ppd
Team Onyx Mason Abed Bulba Dubu DeMoN
compLexity Moo Cancel^^ monkeysforever swindle zfreek
Team NP Aui_2000 EternaLEnVy MSS SVG Rose

NA Dota has always been dominated by Evil Geniuses with compLexity Gaming in a close second. Now that Digital Chaos has officially won their first ever LAN, the NA scene looks to be more tightly contested.

But Filipino fans will be happy to know that Abed will be playing for Team Onyx with former TNC captain DeMoN. How will Abed fare in his transfer to North America? Fans also clamor for the return of the king of salt. Ppd will be making the surprise comeback to the competitive scene after already being made the CEO of EG.


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Team Primary Sub
EHOME cty old chicken xi Xen JDH eLeven
LGD Yao Maybe Victoria xz Ame
Newbee sccc uuu9 kpii Faith kaka
Invictus Gaming Burning Op Xxs BoBoKa Q
Wings shadow y` Faith_bian Blink iceice
Team VGJ Agressif rotK Freezy fy Fenrir
CDEC Gaming Sep Inflame June Flyby Demons

EHOME looks to a new revamped roster after their struggles last season as LanM moves to be the coach of the new-look team. ESL One Genting finalists Newbee look to build on their momentum as the Chinese Miracle, while sccc looks to cement his position in the Chinese Dota pantheon even further.

Wings Gaming is once again back with the roster that has worked out for them ever since its inception. Legendary carry Burning is back for yet another run while in Team VGJ we see a reunion of the iconic support duo Fenrir and fy. Chinese Dota has always been solid and this year will be no different for them.