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Pinoy Casters Cast Their Predictions For ESL One Genting

Lon, Dunoo, and company have their own favorites.

Izo Lopez

Our cast of casters gave their predictions on who they think will win ESL One Genting between Fnatic, Digital Chaos, Wings Gaming, Team NP, Newbee, Virtus.pro, WarriorsGaming.Unity, and of course Execration. Whether stats-based, favorites-based, or just plain Pinoy Pride, their bets have been made!

Responses have been translated from a mixture of English and Filipino.

Marlon "Lon" Marcelo

VP is my brain's choice since they are very strong at the moment. If they finish day 1 at the top they will be a team that is very hard to beat.

Execration is my heart's choice (#LabanPinas!) and I think they are a legit contender. They just came from the ASUS ROG championship so the timing and momentum are good. With Nando in and Abed out, there are some concerns though: how will they adjust coming into the event?

Nando has big shoes to fill with Abed gone: can he deliver or will he choke?

Aldrin Paulo "Dunoo" Pangan

Hoping that Execration will win but I think most teams have adjusted to the patch and we'll see very different strategies.

Virtus Pro is the strongest team in the tournament for me, but you can't underestimate the TI6 champs Wings Gaming.

As for players, I'll be watching the Malaysian players from WarriorsGaming.Unity. I'm interested in how they'll play in front of their fans as the crowd favorite. They'll either excel or crack under the pressure.

But in the end I think Wings will win, hahaha.

Adrian Frias "Butters" Jison

As a caster, without stats, Wings Gaming. If any team can adapt to the new meta quickly, I think it's Wings. Taking stats into consideration though, DC has had great synergy as a team, especially during the Boston Major.

Even if you change the meta, the map, etc., there are some things you can't teach a team (synergy).

But personally, as a fan, I want Execration to win. #LabanPinas of course. We want our representatives to win and honestly their chances are still really good even without Abed. Nando is an experienced player and being ex-Execration himself he would know how the team moves.

Caisam "Wolf" Nopueto

I think it'll be VP. They want redemption from Boston. I think they'll be the hungriest team coming into ESL One Genting.

Special note on Wings Gaming: I think they could be the fastest team to figure out 7.00/7.01.

But my personal bias is still Execration, haha. #PinoyPride!

Manjean "Manjean" Fladas

I was Wings Gaming for TI6 since I always root for new blood in sports. But of course, with 2017 and 7.00, they're probably still adjusting. So I'll place my faith in Execration. Especially since they didn't make it to Boston. They're hungry! Since they're also with one of PH Dota's GOATS, Mr. Owa, for sure they're even hungrier! #LabanPinas #Awit

Dennis "Denki" Sirios

Honestly, it is incredibly hard to gauge teams right now post-7.00 patch using their past performance. The team to look out for IMO isn't the team that did well for the past tourneys but the team that is more likely to easily adapt to the Nu-Dota.

To me, that'll be Wings Gaming, purely on how they blew away the competition with their vast hero pool and seemingly-unpredictable and aggressive playstyle - something the latest patch is known for.

Julius "Swarley" Tabios

VP. They've had a chip on their shoulder since they were shellshocked by EG in Boston. No EG this time around and they are still very much a top-tier team.

I'm also watching Nando. He was let go by Execration after TI in favor of Gabbi. I'm sure he wants to upstage Gabbi and show he's the new top dog with Abed gone.

Chiming in, Editor-in-Chief Juno "9001" Reyes

Against all odds, EE-sama forever.

But of course, whether NP or Execration wins, I'm happy. #LabanPinas!