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Team Manila Eagles Continue To Dominate

Mineski struggles against Acion Arena

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Words: Peter ZDS Tingson

The second week of Garena’s PGS ended with some surprising results. One team continues to rise through the ranks while another is starting to show signs of vulnerability. Read on to get the recap of the stories from week two.

Acion Arena Makes Mineski Bleed After a disastrous first week which saw them start the PGS with a 0-4 standing, rookie team Acion Arena managed to finally win their first game of the split. What makes their first win even more incredible was that it was against Mineski, the defending champs from the spring split. Their win came in the first game of their series against Mineski, in what was a methodological showdown between the two. Acion Arena was able to successfully play to their composition’s strengths of team fighting, as they would group up to secure kill after kill. Although Mineski was able to keep the gold even despite the kill disadvantage through objective control, things would turn sour in a mid lane team fight. A badly timed engage by three members of Mineski in the middle lane against an advancing full five man Acion Arena would lead to a snowball of events that broke the tightrope they were walking on. Acion Arena would secure baron buff as their ultimate reward from this, and this helped them obtain the necessary gold advantage they needed to overpower Mineski in the first game. Mineski would come back to split the series 1-1, but the outcome of the first game may have been an omen of more surprises to come.

Acclaim Empire X Rises To Second Place The former champions and the pride of the Ilonggos had a stellar week where they finished with a 3-1 record. This would shoot them up to number two on the standings. After Acclaim Empire X would split their series against another former champion, Imperium Pro Team, they would go on to defeat Infuzed Esports in both of their games. While it is expected that Tamsu and Jenvi, the household names of the Iloilo based team, would be big contributors to their victories, it was their new mid laner Awaken who would start making his presence known throughout the league. He played an amazing Orianna in two of those wins, and he has displayed solid fundamental mechanics as well as intelligent decision making. With Rampage a month away, it would not be unlikely to see this team back on the grandest stage in Philippine League of Legends if they continue at the pace they’re going.

Team Manila Eagles Keep Flying High Team Manila Eagles were able to soar to a good start in the first week, but this week would have been a true test of their wings’ strength as they had a mountain to fly over as they faced Mineski. Staying true to the hype of being the second week’s featured match, the atmosphere was intense from the first game. Mineski was able to score first blood, but Team Manila Eagles would respond with four straight kills because of the rotations coming in from their jungler and support, Kupz and Raux. Not one to go down without a fight, Mineski would soon scrap their way back in skirmishes to bring the kill score even. A team fight in the top lane would result in Mineski taking the kill lead, but a sneaky baron by Team Manila Eagles would turn the game around. A couple more team fights in favor of Team Manila Eagles would see them secure the first game. The second game would be hook city, as Raux’s hooks with Thresh would create multiple kill opportunities for the eagles to take another early lead. Mineski would not be able to regain their footing this game as Team Manila Eagles would continue to starve them of resources, while controlling the objectives enroute to a decisive victory over Mineski.

That’s it for the stories from the PGS’ second week! For more information of the schedule and results, visit the PGS site here.

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