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Perfection Above All: Camille Enters Summoner's Rift

Patch 6.24 Notes

Carmelo Joseph III Favie

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The previous patch saw the release of the most recent legendary champion skin for League of Legends. Elementalist Lux went live in the 6.23 patch being the first skin to have 10 different models. It was a massive step for Riot Games new extra game content initiative.

Assassin Tweaks

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The 24th patch also brings a lot of key tweaks to the champions that received major updates in the 2017 Pre-Season Assassin class update a few weeks ago. Akali, Fizz, Katarina, LeBlanc, Rengar, Shaco, will all have small changes to their kits to get them more balanced.

Season 7

Hold on to your hats, because the upcoming patch will also mark the beginning of the 7th season of League of Legends. It's time to get back up on the competitive ladder and show the rest of the world what you have. Will you finally break out of that tier you've been stuck in?

Check out the link below to get all the details on the champion and item changes for the next patch, and get ready to climb that ELO ladder once more. It's time to take to Summoner's Rift. Stick with us here at Mineski.net for all the League of Legends updates.