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Only The PH Qualifier Remains For The Masters

Faceless won the SEAn and 7th slot to the Manila Masters

Izo Lopez

With Faceless taking the Manila Masters SEA Qualifier by storm, 7 out of the 8 teams who will compete in the main event have been decided.

These are:

  • Faceless, who have at this point, hoarded almost every Southeast Asian qualifier slot since The Summit 6
  • Invictus Gaming from the China qualifier, recent DAC champions and a BurNIng who's having the best year of his life
  • And the invited Evil Geniuses, OG, Newbee, Team Secret, and Team NP – all worthy in one way or another, despite dissenting opinions (esports will always have dissenting opinions)

All strong teams, no doubt, no doubt. But this is The Manila Masters. This is the first esports tournament of this scale born straight out of the Philippines. We have to represent.

As such, these seven teams are but the challengers. They're coming here to challenge our best.

The Manila Masters Pinoy Tour will determine that best team, and the Tour organizers have scoured the country to give as many people as possible the chance to take part.

Not every corner of the Philippines was reached, to be honest, given the logistical constraints of a qualifier of this scale. Still, this has already been the largest Philippine Dota 2 tournament in history (3000+ teams) and there's still one weekend left.

This coming weekend, April 22-23, will be the last branch qualifiers. The Pinoy Tour will be visiting MI Taft, MI Naga, iMaQ - Laoag, MI Cebu, MI Olongapo, and MI Caloocan UE.

If you don't have a team yet, form one. If you can't, just show up and help fill a roster on the day itself. Registration is free and easy (and comes with a free kickass baller).

After the last branch qualifiers, all the branch winners, the four online qualifier winners, and the three seeded teams (Young Minds, Pacific Blue, Click 'N Search) will fight to determine a top 4. Then those top 4 will get to fight the biggest names in PH Dota 2: Clutch Gamers, TNC Pro Team, Execration, and HappyFeet.

And then the winner of that? Well that team gets to show the world just how good PH Dota can get on Philippine soil with a stadium of rabid Filipino fans.

The tour's tagline is its promise: Dito nagsisimula ang lahat.

More information on the Manila Masters Pinoy Tour can be found HERE