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OMEN By HP Launches Nationwide Dota 2 Tournament

There will be one champion from each of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao

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This article is sponsored by the Mineski Events Team.

In line with the launch of its OMEN gaming laptop, HP will be launching its own nationwide Dota 2 tournament: the OMEN by HP Esports Tour.

Fresh off the success of the country-spanning Manila Masters Pinoy Tour, the Mineski-Events Team will be organizing the tournament. The OMEN by HP Esports Tour is divided into three regional tournaments for each of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao with Php 100,000 going to the champions of each leg.

Hometown heroes and local teams of all power levels are invited to sign up in their respective regions for a shot at becoming either the Luzon champions, Visayas champions, or Mindanao champions. Registration links are below (slots are limited!).

June 24 Mineski Infinity Bacolod Visayas Qualifier 1
June 25 Mineski Infinity Shaw Luzon Qualifier 1
July 1 Mineski Infinity Iloilo Visayas Qualifier 2
July 2 Mineski Infinity Cubao Luzon Qualifier 2
July 9 Mineski Infinity Cebu 1 Visayas Qualifier 3
July 15 Mineski Infinity Morayta Luzon Qualifier 3
July 16 Mineski Infinity Cebu 6 Visayas Qualifier 4
July 22 Mineski Infinity Taft Luzon Qualifier 4
July 23 IMBA CDO Mindanao Qualifier 1
July 29 Mineski Infinity Baguio Luzon Qualifier 5
July 30 Mineski Portal CDO Mindanao Qualifier 2
August 12 Mineski Infinity Davao San Juan Mindanao Qualifier 3
August 13 Mineski Infinity Tuguegarao Luzon Qualifier 6
August 19 Mineski Infinity Los Baños Luzon Qualifier 7
August 20 Mineski Davao Bolton Mindanao Qualifier 4
August 27 Mineski Infinity Pampanga HAU Luzon Qualifier 8

Tournament registration is free and there will be other freebies and prizes for attendees and players alike to take home. With three total champions throughout the entire tour, this could also make the careers of aspiring amateur teams.