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Nerfs, Doom Bots, & Little Devil Teemo

Patch 6.21 Notes

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We're back with Riot's 21st patch cycle of the season. Riot Games is putting in some finishing touches a mere 20 days before the end of the 2016 season. Check out the official notes if any of your favorite champions were hit with buff blessings, or the infamous nerf hammer.

Changes All Around

Nidalee gets hit hard with nerfs as all of her Cougar abilities' cooldowns go up. The game is also encouraging Graves players to dash into their enemies by increasing the stack cap on True Grit. The rest of the champion changes are bugfixes that look to cripple the enjoyment of games.

One exciting change that lands with the 6.21 patch is the return of the very exciting (and extremely unfair) Doom Bots of Doom alternative game mode. Relive the PTSD-inducing game mode featuring enemy AI with all too unfair abilities. It will be interesting what kind of diabolic ability exaggerations that Riot have come up with since the last time they released Doom Bots.

Final Form Teemo

Finally, Teemo shows off his true colors after years of wreaking havoc on Summoner's Rift. You're either hot on cold with regards to Teemo, there never seems to be any middle ground at all. You either love the little Bandle City scout, or you wish for his agonizing death every time you see he's in the enemy team. Riot Games finally made a Little Devil Teemo skin which will be launching along with the 6.21 patch. Get ready to play Teemo in his true appearance, the little lord of the underworld bent on tilting you to your death.

The 2016 Season of League of Legends is slowly winding down as the World Championship winds down in the next two weeks. Catch up on your favorite champions to get that last bit of Rank games in before the world gets reset once more. For more patch news, stay with!