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Na`Vi Reveals 2017 Roster

Pajkatt joins Dendi under the Gold

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For fans of the Dota's golden banner, Christmas isn't quite over yet. Just three hours after the Spring Shuffle drop period drew to a close, Na'Vi made waves by unveiling its latest roster yet.

After an extended period of struggling in the middle rungs of the global Dota hierarchy, Na'Vi undergoes its biggest transformation yet, as it features, for the first time, a team that is predominantly, non-CIS.

The returning pair of Dendi and GeneraL, both Ukrainian, are now the last CIS-based players in one of their region's most fabled teams, with Na'Vi being the only team form the region to have won The International all theway back in 2011.

Of the three players joining the team for the #RoadToKiev, Pajkatt name easily stands out, as the former WC3 DotA legend and TI veteran returns to competitive activity, after a short but successful coaching stint with Digital Chaos earlier this year. Here, he will be taking the reins as the team's new captain, drafter, as well as playing as the team's main carry.

Joining the team as perhaps its least experienced yet most promising cog is the Danish support Biver, whose recent performance with Prodota Gaming have pundits hailing him as potentially the next Cr1t-, a playmaking star-in-the-making just waiting for his big break such as this one.

Rounding off the team is veteran German support 'rmN-', who has crossed paths with Dendi multiple times in the past.

According to Na'Vi's official press release, all three newcomers have agreed to one-year deals.

What do you think of this new lineup?

Natus Vincere 2016

  • Per Anders Olsson 'Pajkatt' Lille
  • Danil 'Dendi' Ishutin
  • Victor 'GeneraL' Nigrini
  • Roman 'rmN-' Paley
  • Malthe 'Biver' Winther

Source -- Natus Vincere

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