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Mystery Man Lucifer Leads Mineski-Dota to First LAN of 2017

Iceiceice or YYF?

Julius Tabios

After a long LAN draught Mineski-Dota have finally qualified to another LAN. The Malaysia-based squad bested The International 7-bound team Execration in the Asia-Pacific Qualifier Grand Finals of World Cyber Arena 2017. Both Execration and Mineski will fly to China for the main event.

Trouble has long been brewing in the Mineski camp after icon Chai Yee Mushi Fung earlier this year. The new-look Mineski could not find their footing as they have often been changing up their roster over the last couple of months. Names such as Malaysian star Lee Kong kYxY Yang and CIS veteran Andrey Mag Chipenko have featured under the storied banner in their rebuilding process. But their inability to qualify for any LAN have left them scrambling to always look for a winning combination of players.

Even Mineski mainstay Ryan Jay Raging Potato Qui was part of the collateral as he parted ways with his long-time home. Raging Potato quickly found his way to rivals Execration and even helped them qualify for The International in Seattle.

With all eyes looking forward to Valve's main event next month, Mineski has finally found a winning combination of players. They have enlisted SEA stars Kam Boon NaNa Seng and Anucha Jabz Jirawong for their qualifying WCA campaign. These two are already indeed formidable but it was mystery man Lucifer who stole the spotlight. Fans and pundits alike speculated that it could be SEA legend Daryl Koh iceiceice Pei Xiang with his frivolous antics and immense skill. However, iceiceice himself debunked such rumours that it isnt him playing under the name Lucifer.

With all the buzz around Mineski right now, they seem to have found a winning combination. With the post-TI shuffle looming and WCA's Main Event taking place in December , NaNa, Jabz, and Lucifer could be snatched up by better teams but if this Mineski roster manages to stay intact then the future is looking bright for our boys. Mineski-Dota has gotten a lot of flak recently but if someone like iceiceice is signed up for the long run, then fans might come running back to support one of the oldest names in SEA esports. Because it's about damn time that Mineski-Dota stopped being a laughing stock.