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Mski-Overwatch looking for 6th player

Jholord to step down due to health concerns

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Jholord: third from left

Four days before the start of the MSI MGA Overwatch World Championship Asian Finals, disaster strikes the Mineski-Overwatch crew as they find themselves short one player.

According to Mineski Pro Team manager Yamyam Yui, the team is currently looking for a new support to replace Jholord "Zahrgorp" Galicia, who has stepped down from the team after being advised by his doctor to rest and take a break from the grind of the competitive scene.

With their next tournament right around the corner, the team invites local Overwatch players looking to break into the competitive scene by messaging either the Mineski-Overwatch page or contacting the manager directly.

This wouldn't be the first time a Mineski Pro Team would be making an emergency replacement just days befoe a big qualifier, as the same thing happened in the build up to the ESL One Manila PH Qualifiers earlier this year, where they brought in Benhur "Ben" Lawis to great success.